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MoG. – “32” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Gregg Smith)

Readers say hello to Milwaukee artist MoG. He’s a graduate of UW-Madison and a representative of the city’s North-side. He’s been rapping since his teens and he came to The Illixer‘s attention via one of the local music scene’s elite producers, DSCRIBE. His latest offering is a song/video simply coined “32.”

The track is set to a classic old school Hip-Hop style instrumental with a charming groove to it. It entails MoG. sharing personal tales from his time growing up on 47th and Locust. He utilizes a conversational style flow, authentic wordplay, and detailed rhymes. The listener is easily transported down memory lane right along with the 414 emcee. All in all, this is a dope nostalgic record.

MoG. decided to bring “32” to life visually with the help of Jose Nunez of CTM Films. The aforementioned DSCRIBE contributes as well via the role of director. The flick follows MoG. as he travels around some golden Mil-Town haunts. He keeps good company as he cruises through the city, as there are cameo appearances from a few of the music scene’s well known faces. It’s a clean simplistic vision that ties in flawlessly with the track. As a whole, this is a respectable video.

**My Two Cents: MoG. makes a good first impression with his debut on the site. “32” is smoothly packaged as both a song & video. Both are of a professional quality and are a little insightful. Anyone listening/watching will get a feel for MoG. on a personal level and get a taste of what Milwaukee is all about at the same time. Not a bad combination at all. Readers should definitely check out “32” whenever they have a couple of minutes to spare. -MinM

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