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Mista Marcus – From Nothing To Something (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Mista Marcus as previously mentioned, is the newest member of the Bass Head Music group. Marcus started really getting into the music scene back in 2000. He started making beats and creating mixtapes. In 2005, he kicked things up a notch and formed his own record label, A.M.I.L. Entertainment in Memphis, TN. During his time down South, he worked at improving his craft and getting his record label off the ground. In 2006, he returned home to Milwaukee to continue advancing his career and pursue other business ventures. His passion for his art and entrepreneurial spirit are what keep him in the game and makes him a strong contender. Currently, he is working on the upcoming Bass Head Music LP, Dumb Hoez. However, since he is the new player on the team, so to speak, he wants fans to get an idea of what he can do before the project drops. So we’re going to check out a few select tracks off of his From Nothing To Something EP.

“Tha Beat Conductor”

Mista Marcus produced this track himself. Interestingly enough, he used a program for PlayStation 2 called Magix Music Maker and added his own spin on things. That is pretty creative. The end product turned out great. The production contains a nice even bass, some unique futuristic type of rifts, and a chill vibe. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is presented via a cool computerized style female voice. The lyrics are solid. There is only one verse but it’s choice. Marcus brings a dual paced flow, meaning he utilizes both a slow and fast speed of rapping. Also, his lyrics are original and fresh. There is no message per say, just Marcus flexing his skills and showing off his Mil-town pride. Peep it as he spits: “Something just for the Mil. I give a f–k how you feel. If you ain’t from the Brew City, why show you pity when you hating on the way that my city live. See we be about the bucks (Bucks) n—a. And we don’t f–k with these punk n—as. It’s the 44 team where the .44 scream if a hater ever try to come f–k with us. (…) You know the Mil don’t play that.”  Fire rhymes and one has to respect the strong sense of hometown pride there. In the end, this track is a banger and a favorite off the EP.

“C’mon” F/ Phresh

This track is a Deep6ix Productions original done by JT OnTheBeatz. So BHM is heavily represented on this cut. JT did a respectable job here. The production is different. It features a variety of sounds effects, an up-tempo pace, and  an intense vibe. It actually has a strong Rock influence to it. No hook is used on this track. The title is just repeated in various ways throughout the song. Which works out fine. The verses are solid. Phresh takes the first one and Mista Marcus follows up with the second. Both rappers had consistent flows, sharp wordplay, and becoming lyrics. They do a compelling job of conveying a no non-sense type of attitude while taunting their adversaries. Overall, this an interesting track. It certainly has a sound unlike anything else.

“Wrapped Up In A Paper Chase” F/ J Nasty

This song was produced by DJ Penetration. He did an excellent job too, as the production is hot. It has a nice groove to it and contains a soulful old school sound. The hook is just cut up samples from various rappers like: Scarface, Jay Z, and Method Man. DJ Serpico helped create the chorus. Even though it’s just samples, it sounds pretty neat. The verses are impressive. Marcus and J Nasty went in from start to finish with clean smooth flows and exceptionally honest rhymes. They do a stellar job of reflecting some true sentiments about life and money. Noteworthy lines from Mista Marcus include: “I’m going hard for the blocks. I’m going hard for the hoods. All over the world, I represent like I should. Because we all in the same boat. Just trying to stay a float. Wish it was smooth sailing all the way to the paper though. They want us to stay broke. They want us to stay down. They want us to give it up. They want us to lay down. But I refuse, I’m out here making major moves. Shaking playa haters who don’t wanna see me break the rules.” Deep and thought provoking lines right there. Overall, this song is a winner and the favorite of the three featured joints.

**My Two Cents: Mista Marcus has a dope style. He has a gangsta rap sound but knows how to work it to fit any type of track. Also, he has a skillful way with words and putting things together. He is a consistent and fluent rhymer. These tracks for sure show off his talents. But please click the link and check out Mista Marcus for yourself. You heard it here first: his talent combined with J.D. The Chief‘s on one album is going to be epic. Dumb Hoez is dropping May 19, so stay tuned. And be sure to keep up with Marcus on Facebook. -MinM

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