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Mic Miles – “Validation”

by Miracle

The Other Side

Readers meet Mic Miles. He’s a youngster on the come up from Cleveland, Ohio. He planted his feet in the music world back in 2010 but has always used music throughout his life as a way of socializing and making friends. He is influenced by the likes of Snoop Dogg as well as Lil Wayne. Miles boasts several projects under his belt, including his most recent offering The Other Side. The 13 track mixtape is a look inside the life of the young talent: past, present, and future. His passion and versatile abilities are said to be highlighted via the tape.

The Illixer was put on to Mic via our fave lady in the PR world Destiny Loyd and her Star Music Media imprint. Mic’s single & video “Validation” are what won the site over. “Validation” happens to be track number one on the aforementioned project. The tune is set to a rhythm heavy instrumental with an unique breezy vibe. There is no hook but as this is just supposed to serve as an intro, that works out fine. The prolonged verse is respectable. Mic Miles comes with a driven flow, catchy wordplay, and authentic rhymes. He shares how he got his start with the listener as well as lets it be known that he is sure of his place in the Rap game. All in all, this is a legitimate intro. The visuals are short & sweet. The premise basically just follows Mic Miles and his partner as they are kicking it around the city. He gives a lot of charisma to his performance which definitely enhances the flick. Everything is cleanly shot and edited. So that’s a plus too. The vision concludes with a little bit of promo for the mixtape and that’s a wrap. Overall, it’s a suitable piece of work.

**My Two Cents: I like Mic Miles a lot. He has that special something that effortlessly captures your attention. “Validation” had my head bobbing as soon as it came on. The beat is awesomeness and the content is on point. The video is cool too. It’s basic in concept but I think it aligns nicely with the whole getting to know Miles theme. The viewer gets a good feel for his swag and how he gets down. Definitely would love to hear/see more from the budding Cleveland rapper in the future. -MinM

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