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Meet The Chicago Artists Of MidWest Blog Tour: Milwaukee (Dinero Dynasty)

by Miracle

avatars-000053021783-9n21tm-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Locals Only” (listen/download)

The final Chicago act to be highlighted that will be doing their thing this Friday (9/20) is a group that goes by the name of Dinero Dynasty. Dinero Dynasty is a duo comprised of members Rashad Austin and Ronail Larkin. They are generating quite the buzz in the windy city and have been featured on media outlets such as Fake Shore Drive, Ruby Hornet, etc. They sent over a nice collective of singles for the site to preview before the event. “Locals Only” is the one that really stood out from the pack.

The production here is clean. The quiet bass, sophisticated musical ingredients, mid-tempo pace, and casual vibe mesh together gracefully. There is no hook on this track. The transition between verses is done smoothly though, so a hook isn’t a necessity. The verses are on point. The pair contribute individualized flows, street wordplay, and favorable rhymes. They pen an honest anthem for the hood pertaining to: rapping, hustling, money, loyalty, and more. Some lines worth taking note of are: “They better listen to me. Cause youngins never learn to keep it capital G. I mean some made it through. And some are casualties. But I’m back to kill these n—as off gradually. So speak up. Money counter somehow drown out a whisper. Middle of July, my n—as think about Christmas. And I solemnly swear to answer all my n—a wishes. Being broke or in jail, my n—a really ain’t a difference.” Those are some polished and consistent bars right there. All in all, this is a noble selection.

**My Two Cents: I dig this song. The fellas of Dinero Dynasty have a cool laid-back approach to things. I think they will fit in just right with the rest of the crew on Friday and I look forward to seeing how they conduct themselves live. If readers would like to hear more of the group’s music, they can explore their Sound Cloud page here. -MinM

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