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Illuminati Roundtable: Nothing Was The Same Except Aubrey

by Pooh Bailey

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Nothing Was The Same (iTunes)

On September 24th, Degrassi alumni Drake drops his third LP, Nothing Was The Same. If you’ve been keeping track, Aaliyah‘s number one fan is one for two. That first LP was forgettable and that’s me being nice. The second LP was dope (only Drizzy can make us tolerate a Lil Wayne verse now). So when October’s Very Own  announced his third installment, my curiosity flourished. I admit I take jabs at Drake simply because I want my rappers to be aggressive and unapologetic. Drake is the rapper who watches The Notebook and writes a sonnet about it. I mean come on, the album cover looks like he’s in a rap battle with Blue Ivy.  However, I’ll admit that Drizzy has always murdered his features. With that being said, here’s a track by track review of Mr. Graham’s newest album.

1. “Tuscan Leather” – Production is superior. This was cool the first minute but five minutes later it sounds like he reading random tweets.

2. “Furthest Thing” – This is that riding around at 2am music. That not ready to go in music.

3. “Started From The Bottom” – I love this beat. However this song is just ugh. Aubrey started from the same bottom I did – middle class. Nice try.

4. “Wu-Tang Forever” – Wu-Tang Forever with no Wu-Tang Clan. He could’ve kept this.

5. “Own it” – Now we getting back on track. Straight flowing and do I hear a Chris Brown/Rihanna subliminal diss on here? Hmmm …

6. “Worst Behavior” – Nope, no, naw.

7. “From Time” F/ Jhene – This is what we want from Drizzy, him flowing with a R&B girl riding the hook.

8. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” – Every time this song comes on, I just want to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Hawaiian shirts and penny loafers with no socks music.

9. “Connect” – For the folks like me who became a fan during So Far Gone, this song is for us. I’m liking that he’s going back to what we love about him.

10. “The Language” – Take Drake’s flow from the “Versace” song and put it over Jay-Z‘s “F–kwitmeyouknowigotit” beat and you will have this song. (I’m just going to ignore Baby at the end.)

11. “305 To My City” – I swear for four minutes, you would wish you were from Miami or Toronto.

12. “Too Much” – They say you need to let go of stress and that’s what Mr. OVO did. He vented and we loved it.

13. “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2” F/ Jay-Z – The first half of the song sounds like Jay-Z forgot to put it on American Gangster and told Drake to throw it on this album. The second half really wasn’t needed.

14. “Come Thru” – This is the perfect title. Why? This is the song you get dressed to, on your way to meet up with someone.

15. “All Me” F/ 2 Chainz & Big Sean – Braggadocio to say the least. I liked 2 Chainz for all of that first album. But like any other fad, I’m over it. Remember when I said Big Sean has one hot verse every 50th song? Well this is not it. Drake could’ve done this whole song by himself.

This album is pretty dope. It is definitely a more than one listen to get it album. My favorite part of the album though, NO LIL WAYNE. Also, I’m going to need rappers to get back to only two or three features on an album. How can you say you are the best when you getting washed on every song? That’s what’s great about this album. Its just Drizzy. Being around those Young Money bums, you would forget that Drake is actually a very talented artist not rapper. Would I start to mention Aubrey’s name with the greats? Not yet, but come talk to me on the fifth LP. Mr. OVO is beginning to distinguish himself from the others however, and I love it. Now only if we can get him to respond to K.Dot on wax. Hell he might pull a Hov and respond on the next album. Oh well. Nothing Was The Same will be in stores and on iTunes September 24th. -Pooh Bailey

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