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Meet The Dual City Artist Of MidWest Blog Tour: Milwaukee (Prezzie)

by Miracle

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“Monsters VS Aliens” (preview)

Wanted to take the time to introduce readers to one more act taking the stage at tonight’s MidWest Blog Tour event. He goes by the name of Prezzie. He is originally from Chicago but currently resides in the 414. So he will be holding it down for both cities. With a name that is a slang term for president, he prides himself on being a leader and the voice of his people. His purpose is to demonstrate that through faith and determination one can achieve great things. Currently, he is working on an upcoming project called The Election. He sent the site a few cuts off of the project to preview and one of the more engaging tracks is entitled, “Monsters VS Aliens.”

The production here is proper. It is comprised of: a sturdy bass, flattering versatile musical ingredients, a median pace, and a neutral vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery has a bit of melody to it and the lyrics are interesting. The verses are commendable. Prezzie utilizes a marked flow, keen wordplay, and prevalent rhymes. He discusses an array of different subject matters such as: why he goes so hard, his standing in the Hip-Hop game, family, etc. A couple of lines worth taking in are: “What y’all know about grind? Tell me what y’all know about hard work? Spit this s–t like crack. My dope-boy flow come back like hard work. Above everything like aliens. While y’all just scratching the surface. And the change I bring worth everything. While yo poor flow just worthless. Get them hands up high like a hold up. I heard yo girlfriend get around like a doughnut. (…) Haters wanna pop me like balloons cause they know I’m bout to blow up.” Colorful way to open up the song right there. Overall, this is a track deserving of a little rotation.

**My Two Cents: Prezzie has a very magnetic sound. He has an unique tone to his flow and his bars are up to snuff. I truly took pleasure in listening to this single. I anticipate seeing the show that he has in store for those in attendance tonight. -MinM

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