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Maryann F/ SBΛCΞ – “The Long Way”

by Miracle

THELONGWAYCoverArt(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

Since the release of Maryanns upcoming EP This Is What The Moon Sounds Like is exactly one week away, decided to share the second leak off of the collective. This time around she unleashed a collaboration that she did with her partner in crime SBΛCΞ. It’s called “The Long Way” and SBΛCΞ also serves as the track’s producer. It’s a completely different look from the previous single. Continue reading on to find out how.

The production here is extremely unique. It’s got a multitude of styles going on from Reggae to Hip-Hop to the Futuristic twist that Maryann is known for. The press release describes it as J. Dilla meets Timbaland with a dash of Nelly Furtado. That’s a pretty accurate way to sum it up. The street style foundation, Caribbean undertones, assorted rhythm, and groovy vibe all fit superbly together. The hook is dope as well. The vocals are fresh and the lyrics are concrete. The verses are enticing. Maryann indulges in an innovative delivery with candid lyrics for the first portion of the song. SBΛCΞ chimes in towards the end of the tune with a sharp flow, sufficient wordplay, and forward rhymes. The pair convey a tight knit anthem on loyalty and true ride or die relationships. A sprinkling of gems from Maryann include: “If you want to be down, loyalty is a must. Long way how we roll in all the areas. Don’t play with them boys cause s–t get serious. We bank, we go dumb. And now they hearing us. They get what they want. Something for everyone. Ninety-nine plus one. That’s how we adding up.” Those are some saucy words right there. All in all, this is a state-of-the-art offering.

**My Two Cents: Maryann and SBΛCΞ stay killing tracks together. This one is no different. I absolutely loved the production. The blend of the different sounds is very well handled. The hook is super catchy. And the content is valid. This sassy original flavor is how I was first introduced to Maryann and her team and I’m glad to see that they are still bringing it out from time to time. This is my favorite of the two leaks for sure. This Is What The Moon Sounds Like will be invading the net next week Thursday. Just in time to provide the soundtrack for your Halloween weekend. Don’t miss out! -MinM

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