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John Doe F/ Redd – “Favorite Song”

by Miracle

John Ft Redd(Photo By Sound Cloud)

John Doe is a 19 year old artist on the rise from Central Florida. He is currently pushing a movement called iLoveTuesday. To introduce himself to the site, he sent over the latest release from the endeavor. It’s entitled “Favorite Song” and features another artist by the name of Redd. Redd also happened to produce the record. The style of the selection is described as a new sound dubbed ‘Fun Rap.’ See how The Illixer feels about the novelty after the break.

The production here is of a five star quality. The booming bass, colorful background elements, lively tempo, and upbeat vibe result in a winning blend. The hook is pretty decent too. The delivery is magnetic and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are good. The flow is full of personality, the wordplay is solid, and the rhymes are choice. Press info for the single states that it serves as a nod to the unfortunate habit of artists making music for radio play trends instead of remaining true to themselves. However by the end of the track, John Doe has given up on being trendy and allowed a bit of his true nature to shine through. A couple of notable lines are: “Probably gone follow me on Twitter. This probably your favorite song. Heard you on the radio. She won’t leave me hell alone. She said it’s her ringer-tone when she on the way back home. (…) She got me on replay while we riding down that freeway. This that iLoveTuesday. Watch you play it every weekday.” Those are some favorable bars right there. Overall, this is an entertaining number. A visual for the tune is set to be released sometime in November.

**My Two Cents: John Doe is a decent artist. He has a nice little mannerism about him and his pen game is respectable. This single is legit. The beat is flawless and the content is adequate. I definitely dig the concept behind it all. The lyrics could’ve used just a tad more ornateness to take them to the next level though. But as a whole, it’s worthy of a spin or two. Readers should scroll up and check it out. -MinM

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