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Maryann F/ Devin The Dude – “Two Marys”

by Miracle

artworks-000081937303-8wd94a-t500x500(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

The one and only Maryann (The N-Crowd Entertainment), finally released her album Futuristic Always last month. It is currently available via iTunes for previewing and/or purchasing. Currently, she and her team are circulating a collaboration single off of the LP called “Two Marys.” It features veteran Southern artist Devin The Dude and was produced by N8 The Gr8.

The production here is lustrous. The weightless foundation, domesticated musical details, lulling rhythm, and cushy vibe make for a savory combination. The hook is divine. Maryann serves up tuneful vocals and intent lyrics as she hits her significant other with an ultimatum. She croons: “Cause you just be with her all day. And when the night comes you’ll be calling me. You just be with her all day. What’s it gonna be? Is it y’all or we?” No beating around the bush there. The verses are well equipped. Maryann continues to hold her ground on the beginning and end segments of the record as she petitions her man to choose between her and his other love – weed. Her melodies are silken and her lyrics are official. Devin The Dude comes in for the middle section of the single. He counters Maryann’s position by trying to explain why he is so torn between the two objects of his affection. He supplies his token flow, conventional wordplay, and resourceful rhymes. A snippet from his side of things includes: “I know she want me. I want her too. But I don’t wanna lose you. I need you both in my life. It’s you and me and her on a plane and I know that ain’t right. Taking a flight to Cancun. We about to land soon. You in my arms. She’s in a rigged bottle of shampoo. And if I ever have to choose it’ll be the hardest thing I ever have to do. Between her and you, which one of y’all gonna always be there? I want it all. Yes you and my weed square.” Those words right there portray a pretty deep scenario. In the end, this is a breezy imaginative record.

**My Two Cents: I think this song has one of the best concepts I’ve heard in a while. I loved the way that marijuana was personified as the other woman. Maryann and Devin The Dude really sold the theme and complimented one another with ease. The production was ritzy too. N8 tailored the perfect sound for the duo. As a whole, this was a great smoking/love track. I think readers will thoroughly enjoy it. -MinM

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