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Keeqs F/ A Huff – “Doin’ My Thang”

by Miracle

TNOS Cover (5x5)in.(Photo By Aaron J.)

In just three short days on Friday (6/20), California artist Keeqs will be dropping his second mixtape, TNOS (The New Old School). To give fans one last taste of what’s in store, his camp hit the site with two recent singles. One is titled “Woah” and can be heard here. The other one is dubbed “Doin’ My Thang” and will be the focus of this review.

The production here is masterful. It employs a sample of “Take Me I’m Yours” by Michael Henderson. The sample adds a strong soulful element to the instrumental. Additionally, the complimentary baseline, cozy rhythm, and mellowed out vibe merge together sprucely. The hook is fair. The delivery is appealing and the lyrics are compressed. The verses are right as rain. A Huff takes point on the first verse and Keeqs commands the second verse. Each artist proffers a trim flow, integral wordplay, and irrefutable rhymes. They paint a lucid picture for the listener of how they go about just being themselves and handling life’s turmoils. A couple of distinguishable lines from Keeqs include: “Damn is it a shame that I’m used to the drama? Swear it’s getting to the point I’m immune to the drama. (…) I don’t want it, I need it. I gotta get it all. You want the shoes and the b—hes. N—a you thinking small. It ain’t about me. It’s without me. I don’t get involved. I swear we only getting better. Real n—as evolve.” The aptitude in those bars right there is commendable. Overall, this is another well laced track from the Fresno talent.
**My Two Cents: Keeqs is shaping up to be one of those artists where everything he touches comes out gold in my book. The old school sample on this was fittingly incorporated and the rest of the beat is winning too. Keeqs as well as A Huff also enhanced the record. Their verses were impressively consistent throughout and their executions matched the tone of the production flawlessly. I will definitely have TNOS (The New Old School) in rotation when it drops this Friday. -MinM

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