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Maryann – “#CookingForBae”

by Miracle

artworks-000073757848-d8kt6k-t500x500(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

“#CookingForBae” (preview)

One of the site’s recent favorite artists Maryann (The N-Crowd Entertainment) released a new track about a week ago. It will appear on her upcoming album Futuristic Always but it also has been dubbed as the official theme song for a joke Instagram account of the same name. The page is dedicated to photographs of poorly cooked meals aka “struggle plates.” It’s got a healthy number of followers and has received love from a few well known websites and publications. Readers can check it out here.

Maryann’s single is doing equally as good. It has been featured on over 30 music media outlets so far and a couple of FM stations. She and the team are pushing for college and internet radio too, in hopes that the song will go viral. They are off to an impressive start and it definitely has the potential to be a big breakout hit. The production was taken care of by N8 The Gr8. He did a fierce job. The beat is a scorcher. The thriving trap style foundation, uncustomary musical details, passive tempo, and dapper vibe fit immaculately together. The hook is of a high-class quality too. Maryann contributes lovely vocal work and the lyrics are easy to retain. The verses hit the spot. Maryann continues to serve up sweet sounding vocals and her lyrics are true to life. She basically conveys the message that even though they don’t have much, she’s down for her boo and making the best of things. A sprinkling of lines worth being aware of are: “Don’t got no money. But I got some cents. Just milk and honey, my main ingredients. Two weeks before pay day. But I’ll make it last. Two blocks from the station. Ran out of gas.” These are just a few words but they summarize the point of the Instagram page as well as the song theme flawlessly. Overall, this is a smooth record.

**My Two Cents: N8 owned the beat on this track. It’s by far my favorite from him production wise. And Maryann really did it justice. Her vocals were winning and I like the subject of her content. She could have lengthened the verses just a tad bit more to give the song a little more substance though. But as a whole, I can definitely see it making some major noise. Additionally, I love the fact that this all stemmed from a humor based Instagram page. Guess one never knows where inspiration might be lurking. -MinM

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