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SAFS Crew (GREAT, Klassik, Blizz McFly) – ”SHABBA Freestyle”

by Miracle

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”SHABBA Freestyle” (preview)

The SAFS Crew team has cranked out another collaborative effort. This one comes from members: GREAT, Klassik, and Blizz McFly. The trio decided to add their flavor to the ever so popular “Shabba” by A$ap Ferg. They maintained the original instrumental with recording and mixing being handled by Mammyth. For anyone who may have missed the initial track, the production slays.

The hard dramatic bass, intense musical constituents, engaging tempo, and crucial vibe make for a lethal combination. The trio decided to keep the original hook too. The hook is solid. It mostly just consists of the title being repeated. The verses are where they switched things up. They wrecked it hands down. GREAT kills the first verse, Klassik murders the second one, and Blizz McFly adds the final nail to the coffin so to speak. All three artists came with sinister flows, fire wordplay, and undeniable rhymes. The press release for the single said their goal was to simply show off their lyricism. They surpassed their goal and much more. Some compelling lines from GREAT are: “Blowing loud, no menthol. White girls doing lines in the bathroom. Come out DJ bumping SAFS Crew. On Brady street going hard as hell. (…) Cocky young king what you call that. Not f–king with y’all like I’m all that. Think about Pringles how I stack the chips. So f–ked up yo might crash the whip. Fools talk all day. No sense at all. I done caught a headache with a Tylenol. For the wackness I have no time at all. So I mob with the crew and watch them haters fall.” Those bars are blazing. GREAT did an excellent job setting the tone and kicking things off. Overall, this was a deluxe remix.

**My Two Cents: I can’t stand A$ap Ferg’s version of this song at all. I think it’s a waste of a phenomenal beat. But GREAT, Klassik, and Blizz McFly snapped. All three verses were so dope that it was hard to pick just one to take a quote from. They really outdid themselves. This is my favorite SAFS Crew collaboration period. The press release stated this is just a mere sample of what the team has in store for the year. I can’t wait to see what they do next. Hit up those provided links so that you don’t miss out. -MinM

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