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Maryann aka Bae God – “The Real Bae God” (Freestyle & Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000106757806-dcum4h-t500x500(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

Site affiliate Maryann had a bit of a rough time last month as she found herself caught up in a Twitter beef with another artist. Her use of the alias ‘Bae God’ was called into question and things kind of went down hill from there. Unfortunately, the ordeal ended up unresolved as most social media problems do. So Maryann decided to channel her feelings from the aftermath of it all into a freestyle. The tune is produced by SBΛCΞ of course and serves as the West Coast diva’s way of defending: her name, artistic abilities, and work ethic.

The production here is slick. It is comprised of: a low key foundation, funky old school style Hip-Hop elements, a middling tempo, and a neutral vibe. As this is just a freestyle, there is no hook present. But one isn’t really necessary. The continuous verse is solid. Maryann calls upon her Rap skills for this one. She puts forth a businesslike flow, frank wordplay, and cutting rhymes. She gives the listener an earful as she unleashes on the opposition for trying to come for her. A highlight from her vent session includes: “Get that whack s–t outta here. Cause it could pop off like Vladimir. Sweetie, I set trends. You take pictures in the bathroom with your best friends flexing. Cause I’m a user of the brain. Maneuver a loser whose using her body as the thang. Bae gang over everything. You should never fix your mouth to sing anything.” Those are some intense lines from the usually reserved Cali talent. The freestyle concludes with Maryann throwing in a little vocal work for good measure. As a whole, this is a valid number.

There is a video to go along with this effort. The visual opens with a quote revolving around imitation and identity from actress AnnaLynne McCord. It is shot entirely in black & white with no set premise. The camera basically just captures Maryann as she spits her response to the drama amidst various city locales. There are some great large graffiti wall pieces featured throughout the flick. The different settings fittingly reflect the rugged nature of the track. Overall, the vision is a worthwhile counterpart to the selection.

**My Two Cents: I typically try to keep the site a beef free zone. Meaning we don’t cover anything drama related between local/indie artists. Why waste such a valuable platform on negativity? However, Bae God and her team have been amazing to network with over the past year or so. Thus, I wanted to show my support. Plus, she nailed this freestyle. Messed up life situations always seem to breed the best music. With this off of her chest, Maryann is currently getting her fans ready for the release of her upcoming EP, Bedroomtrap’n. Stay tuned for a leak off of the pending collective. -MinM

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