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Chalk & Knocx – “Ain’t Seen A Thing”

by Miracle

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Back in warmer times, readers were introduced to a duo that consists of artist Chalk B and producer DJ Knocx. The pair kicked off this year by dropping their brand new album Wicked Ways. It is an 11 track project that includes the single that originally got them a spot on the site, “Cabin Fever.” It is currently available for purchase via iTunes. And there are also a couple of songs available for streaming on Sound Cloud. The Illixer selected one of said singles to review. The chosen track is coined “Ain’t Seen A Thing” and it serves as the very first tune on the LP.

The production here is dope. The level base, versatile supporting elements, unique rhythm, and expressive vibe make for an appealing combination. The hook is pretty cool too. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are transparent. The verses are good. Chalk B utilizes a token flow, unorthodox wordplay, and colorful rhymes. He does a gripping job of analyzing his sanity or lack thereof in an entertaining manner. A handful of noteworthy lines from his assessment includes: “They’ll throw me somewhere after this flight. But what a gift I’ve been given. Never fitting the mold. A lot of don’t give a f–k with ribbons and bows. I’m getting older I figure that while I’m digging this hole, I want my record (…). I want it printed in gold. (…) They call me crazy but I’m every bit as sane as you. Put this on a playlist baby. Sit and take the painful truth. Dedicated, they can lose sight of what they came to do. I’m a different breed. F–king aye, gotta make it through.” There is a lot of finesse coming off of those bars right there. Overall, this is a hit offering and a smart way to set the tone for the album.

**My Two Cents: I once again find myself being impressed by Chalk B & Knocx. The production here is really intriguing. And the content is on point. I love how Chalk B toys around with a variety of sounds/styles. Additionally, I dig the theme of the record as well. I feel a little bit of crazy is a good thing in this case. I definitely think readers should give this an ear. If they like it, the pair’s Sound Cloud and iTunes links can be found at the beginning of the post. Don’t be afraid to show some support. -MinM

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