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Rob Hicks – “Druggss”

by Miracle

10988927_859336194105795_6580285150261718199_n(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Racine artist Rob Hicks decided to kick off this weekend by dropping some new music. He is giving his fans two brand new songs total. One is called “Back Home” and it can be heard here. The other single that he is unleashing upon his supporters is dubbed “Druggss” and it will be the subject of this review. It is produced by Mr. 49 Keyz.

The production here is glossy. The level bass, contemporary background elements, snazzy rhythm, and club style vibe make for a five star combination. The hook is fire as well. The delivery is infectious and the lyrics are hard to forget. Lines such as: “Wait until I get my money right. I be in the club going up on a Sunday night. They laughing at my pain. Hahahaha, that’s funny right? Laughing at my pain. Hahahaha, that’s funny right? Funny, I been going through a few things. I been on a few drugs. (…) Thank God for my plug;” have all the makings of that part of the song that everyone loves to sing/rap along with when it comes on. There is only one lone verse on this track. It is of a grade A quality. Rob Hicks provides a colorful flow, experienced wordplay, and lasting rhymes. He gives the listener the perfect anthem to turn up with. A sprinkling of lines to be aware of include: “So inside of my head is where I write my rhymes. GPA 31.4 so you shouldn’t give a f–k how I slice my pie. Start thinking, got me crying, gotta wipe my eyes. (…) Making a killing but the bank on me. I ride around but the tank on E. With a bad a** b—h, got a smart a** mouth. She dropped out of school. But her brain on fleek.” Those are some ornately put together bars right there. Overall, this selection is a smash.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite track by Rob Hicks to date. The production is ridiculous. Mr. 49 Keyz knocks it out of the park on this one. The hook is also pretty sick. And Rob Hicks brings everything full circle with equally impressive content. I think he definitely stepped his pen game up. But readers shouldn’t just take my word for it. They need to set aside about two minutes and have a listen for themselves. Much love to Mr. Hicks for making sure The Illixer caught this one early. Looking forward to hearing what else he’s cooking up for this year. -MinM

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