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Malik Ferraud – “Broke Night”

by Miracle

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“Broke Night” (listen/download)

In the last post where Baltimore rapper Malik Ferraud was the subject, it was mentioned that he released a new track as a reward to his supporters for helping him promote his latest video, “Around The World.” The single is titled “Broke Night” and it was produced by Black Diamond. Malik and camp have not yet decided if it will act as a stand alone number or if it will be included on his next project.

The production here is of high-end quality. It is comprised of an emphatic bass, a medium rhythmic tempo, and a quirky vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is pristine and consistent. The lyrics are purposeful. The verses are hot. Malik offers up a consuming flow, sincere wordplay, and outspoken rhymes. He speaks without restriction about his financial situation as it relates to following his dream of being an emcee and shares his hopes for a more fruitful future. A few lines worth highlighting are: “I just want a four door I can push to the store. But these jobs not hiring need I say more. And this music inside of me just needs to explore. They say if opportunity doesn’t knock, you build a door. Well I built a whole house had to start from the floor. Invitations to the people who were with me before. I still can’t see where I’m headed at all. Just a little bit of hope and believing above.” Excellent spitting going on in those bars right there.  In the end, this song is a hit. Whether it makes the next project or not people definitely need to check it out.

**My Two Cents: I loved this song. It is probably one of my favorites by Malik thus far. He really captured the plight of the struggling artist. His lyrics were just superb. And of course Black Diamond hit a home run with the production. If readers have not yet done so, they are encouraged to like Malik’s page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. -MinM

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