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Carl “BFM” Jones – Digital Hustle (eBook Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Carl “BFM” Jones)

Carl “BFM” Jones is an individual from Chicago who sports a wide range of hats including: emcee, writer/blogger, graphic designer, and promoter. He was previously mentioned as part of the site’s last event. He got his start in the late 90’s as part of a trio. He quickly stood out as an individual though due to his skillful spitting and authentic rhymes. Since that time, Jones has gone on to accomplish quite a bit. He has secured 10 plus years under his belt and is still going strong. He runs a successful Hip-Hop website called Chi-Bangerz.Com which offers independent/underground artists the opportunity for exposure and press. He has made a name for himself as a performer via his live wire energy, street appeal, and tours. He dropped his debut EP, Cadillac Brougham Joints. And the list goes on. However, his most current claim to fame is his new eBook titled, Digital Hustle.

Digital Hustle is a valuable resource for artists and producers who are looking for help with marketing and promoting their music online. Jones takes readers through all of the necessary steps to master the areas of: Self-Management, Public Relations, and Social Media. He provides well thought out ideas and examples with links to helpful websites in each section. He also touches base on common mistakes and the wrong ways to go about approaching the three different fields. Jones starts to wind down the book with a few personal words of wisdom and offers his own contact info in case readers want any additional advice or have questions. The remainder of the book entails a healthy contact list of: music sites, blogs, and other media complete with email information to help give artists a jump start when they’re ready to begin networking. Overall, this was a great quick and informative read. Artists should definitely check it out. The content provided is sure to aid in strengthening one’s business mindset and professionalism. Jones plans to release more eBooks in the future to continue to provide insight and share his wisdom as it relates to being successful in the music world.

**My Two Cents: I am really digging this book. I love the fact that Jones turned his lack of business sense into motivation to learn and then turned his knowledge into an opportunity to educate others. I am always saying that artists need to step their business game up. It makes people take them more seriously and it’s always wise to know the ins-and-outs of any career. Those who are interested may purchase Digital Hustle via the above banner. Be sure to check out Jones’ Hip-Hop site as well. It’s almost just as good as The Illixer (lol). -MinM

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