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Main Girl – “Lose It”

by Miracle

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Main Girl(Diverse Music Group) is an up-and-coming female Pop/R&B group from the DMV area. It consists of members: Shabreia, Deja, & Jahna. The ladies have been doing their thing since 2008. Their sound is described as a mixture of: Hip-Hop, Pop, Gospel, R&B, and Jazz. Their style is viewed as fresh, urban, and eclectic. The trio exude an unyielding work ethic and dedication towards their craft, which is impressive due to the fact that they are merely just teenagers. With a couple of awards under their belt as well as several singles & videos; the ladies are on a mission to establish themselves as the next reigning girl group in the industry that will ultimately leave their mark on music history.

Currently, Main Girl has a freshly released single coined “Lose It” in rotation. The production here is first-rate. The customary infrastructure, quirky secondary musical details, charismatic tempo, and fetching vibe fit desirably together. The hook is fair. The delivery is likeable and the lyrics are non-complex. The verses are modest. The ladies dish up smooth low key vocals and flirtatious lyrics. They relay a variety of scenarios that might just cause the fellas to get a tad bit beside themselves. An example of which would be: “Now look, look, look what you started. Get your iPhone out and record it. Ya high off my moves. Yeah you faded. Didn’t think this little dance would get this crazy. I can make you, make you, make you spend that. I’m a show you something you ain’t seen before. I’m a have you crazy over this. Yeah, I’m a have you wanting more.” Those are definitely some enticing words right there. As a whole, this a neat and sassy number.

**My Two Cents: Main Girl is on point, especially to be so young. They have a good sound and commendable lyrics. As they grow and mature over time, I think they will gain more depth which will certainly help them advance in their talents. The single was sufficient. I liked the beat and the theme was fun. Also, I respect the fact that they kept it age appropriate. It is a little edgy but it doesn’t push the envelope too far. It’s crucial to maintain that type of boundary when catering to a younger audience. Will be keeping an eye out in the future to see what else Main Girl has to offer. -MinM

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