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Nick IAmADon F/ Nathan Amidon & Lake City Fresh “Whoa”

by Miracle

01ed676c-5786-4c19-944a-89427c7af439(Photo By Star Music Media)

Nick IAmADon(Gun Play Records) is a fresh face to the music scene hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania. He was inspired to get into music by watching his father and uncles pursue their careers as a group. Additionally, he embraced the tunes from a lot of heavy hitters from the earlier days of Hip-Hop such as Tupac and Outkast. He prides himself on having an unique sound that sets him apart from the rest of his fellow artists. His goal is to put his city on the map and prove that his hometown is a viable source of talent. On the path to achieving said goal, Nick is currently pushing a single titled “Whoa.” The song enlists contributions from Nathan Amidon & Lake City Fresh. Nathan also serves as the producer of the record.

The production here is kosher. The conventional base, trendy musical elements, catchy rhythm, and club style vibe work exceptionally together. The hook is fair. The delivery has a cool melodic component to it and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are adequate. All three artists present engaging flows/vocals, bold wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes/lyrics. They do a fine job of relaying their intentions for special ladies that they meet during a night out. A couple of quotable lines from Nick IAmADon are: “She done popped a ***. Now she in the back. She done told her man she ain’t leaving with him and now he mad. My bad, is that ya ***? Well she mine too. I got time tonight and she mine tonight. When I’m through with her she come find you. Okay then, let’s go. You ain’t gotta tell her she bad cause she know.” Those bars provided a fresh way to kick off the track. Overall, this is a decent offering.

**My Two Cents: Nick IAmADon is a likeable artist. He has a sound that is easy on the ears and his way with words is respectable. He could spice things up just a tad though. The single was entertaining. The content was attractively executed and the production was good. I think it was a favorable introduction to the proud Erie native. Readers should give it an ear and then drop a line in the comments section with their thoughts. -MinM

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