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M.A.K. F/ Roscoe, Takticz, & Maryann – “You Better Not”

by Miracle

YouBetterNotCover(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“You Better Not” F/ Roscoe, Takticz, & Maryann

M.A.K. is an artist on The N-Crowd Entertainment imprint from Sacramento, CA. He’s been making his way in the music game for a while but as of late he has started to create a major buzz for himself. He recently dropped a project called The S.M.A.K. which is currently available on iTunes. It consists of a total of 18 tracks, amongst which is a single dubbed “You Better Not.” The selection features fellow N-Crowd members Takticz & Maryann, alongside DPG member Roscoe. N8 The Gr8 serves as the producer of the collaboration. 

The production here is reserved. The low key bass, temperate musical elements, strolling gait, and ripened vibe make for a choice mixture. The hook is favorable. Maryann provides soft toned vocals and straightforward lyrics. The verses are efficient. Roscoe takes the lead, Takticz holds down the middle portion, and M.A.K. brings it on home at the end. All three rappers exude personalized flows, staple wordplay, and first-string rhymes. They do a great job of showing off their West Coast roots. A few lines worth mentioning from M.A.K. are: “I give you a line but this game ain’t for free. Emceeing is how I survive. Now quote me. Thanking the Lord I’m still living and still free. Many emcees died trying to hold me. Styles on files. I’m a master like Bruce Lee, Obi Kenobi, Joe Musashi, Shinobi. I blow doors like Diego Delgado. (…) Flip chips and I keep my tips hollow.” Those are some suave bars right there and the reference work at the end is creative. Overall, this is a well-groomed track.

**My Two Cents: I liked this collaboration a lot. It had a very ambient music type of vibe to it. All four artists truly did their thing and represented for the West Coast quite nicely. The production was crisp too. If readers also enjoyed the song, they can catch each contributor on the web via the provided links. -MinM

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