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Spotlight On The Women Of Hip Hop: Whitney Peyton (Audio Interview)

**Author’s Note: Recently I had the chance to sit down with a very talented woman in the world of Hip-Hop, Whitney Peyton. She’s young, has an unique delivery/style, and has an eye opening energetic stage show. She is preparing to leave out on a tour with approximately 80 dates with many more plans in the works. Listen in as she takes a break from her busy schedule for a bluntside chat. Hope you enjoy.

My 2 Cents: I recorded this interview about a week or so ago. We touched on a lot of personal views in this interview dealing with the music industry, politics, and attitudes. In the comments below, leave your opinions and views on this conversation. Who do you want me to talk with next? Mainstream or Independent, Artist or Manager. I’ll blunt ’em all. ~Biggz

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