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Elcee – “A Story Of Lust”

by Miracle

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“A Story Of Lust” (listen/download)

Elcee is an artist out of Toronto, Canada. He is associated with the JetPacks collective and under the management of Fresh Recordings. He started writing as a way to cope with various situations in life but found an even deeper sense of relief once he put his words to music via recording. His talents include both rapping and singing. His style is described as mellow with the occasional touch of Jazz. He likes to keep things diverse and uses his own personal life to draw on for material. At the moment Elcee is running a campaign to promote his upcoming project LeoSoul. The campaign has been dubbed #SoundCloudSunday and it has been underway since the end of January. Every Sunday, the Canadian talent drops a new gem for his supporters to enjoy. One of his most recent releases is the TREET$ produced “A Story Of Lust.”

The production here is choice. The grounded base, smooth relaxed musical ingredients, median rhythm, and reflective vibe culminate perfectly together. There is no set hook on this track. There is a nice little break at the end of the record though that features some harmonious vocals and endearing lyrics. The prolonged verse is refreshing. Elcee contributes a manicured flow, equitable wordplay, and personal rhymes. He uses examples from his own life to bring awareness to the age old life lesson about taking people and things for granted. These examples involve a woman who took him in to help raise him and a lost opportunity for love. A highlight from his tale includes: “Then my granny passed away. And I didn’t even get to say bye. And when I try to reach out to her granddaughter, it ain’t been the same when I say hi. And I blame that on myself. I wasn’t there when she needed me. I was greedy focused on my dreams instead of reality. I should of took her in when she was willing to be with me. But I was too busy temporarily pleasing me. Trying to get a bunch of people to believe in me. Still confused as to what they could see in me.” Those are some very resonant bars right there. Overall, this is a quality forthright offering.

**My Two Cents: Looks like Canada is just brimming with all sorts of talent. I enjoyed this introduction to Elcee and his music. He’s got a super likeable style about him, his rhymes are legit, and his vocal game is pretty valid as well. I am definitely looking forward to bringing readers more of his material in the future. In the meantime, be sure to catch up  with him via: Facebook, Twitter, and his official website. LeoSoul drops July 23rd, 2014, so keep an ear out for that too. -MinM

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