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John Lewis The Fifth & Deeno – “Crashing Course” (Video)

by Miracle

photo 3(Photo By John Lewis The Fifth)

Florida artists John Lewis The Fifth and Deeno have sent over the follow up to their highly favored collaboration “Sikka School.” It’s entitled “Crashing Course” and it takes on a much different tone than the previous lighthearted track. Slow Architect got behind the boards on this one too. It is made up of: a booming bass, heavy old school style secondary components, a medium tempo, and a stern vibe. As a whole, it’s of a high caliber quality. The hook is fair. The delivery is catchy and the lyrics are simple. The verses are good. John Lewis rules on the first verse and Deeno reigns supreme on the second. Each artist dishes out a commanding flow, able wordplay, and pertinent rhymes. They make a very intrepid statement about going against the norm and not choosing the typical college route in life. All in all, this is a prize single. Take a glance at the video below.

The video was yet again directed by Roberto Mario. The settings for the video include West Kendall and the Dadeland North Metro-rail Station. The theme of the flick is “Throwback Thursday.” This is depicted via the vintage 90’s Miami feel of the display as if the visuals are playing out on a VCR. The tone of the piece is a bit gritty. The duo rock mainly black attire and the scenes are filmed at night as well as in very dimly lit spaces. The pair do bring some personality to the picture though via their debonair mannerisms during their performances and playful antics dispersed throughout. Overall, this was a certified offering.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a satisfactory song and the throwback approach to the video was an awesome idea. John Lewis The Fifth & Deeno handled their business in all aspects of the phrase. Which makes this a winning follow up for “Sikka School.” The two make for a valid team and I’d love to seem them knock out more tracks and videos together in the future. Miami should be proud. -MinM

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