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Dino F/ John Lewis The Fifth – “Sikka School” (Video)

by Miracle

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“Sikka School” F/ John Lewis The Fifth (preview)

Remember John Lewis The Fifth? He’s a dope Miami rapper/producer bringing back that old school flavor to modern Hip-Hop. He enjoyed his first feature on the site so much, that he sent over another video. This one is actually a collaboration with fellow artist Dino of the label Sponsored By Hard Work. It’s for a track that the duo created called “Sikka School (Sick Of School).” It runs slightly over two minutes and was produced by Slow Architect. The production is wicked. The suave foundation, groovy musical elements, and easy going vibe make for an undeniable combination. The hook is extra memorable. It’s utilized more towards the end and contains a lively delivery with fresh lyrics. The verses are fire. Dino bodies the track first then hands it off to John Lewis whose contribution is equally hot. Both artists exhibit charming flows, keen wordplay, and top of the line rhymes. It’s the best anti-school anthem any frustrated student could ask for. And former students will dig it too. Overall, this single is a beast. Peep the visuals after the break.

The video was done by Roberto Mario. The premise is centered around two students who have made it to Mid-Terms and decided that they are already fed up with school. So they shake the classroom up a bit and then bounce. They stop by the vending machines on their way out. A bit of a struggle ensues before they ultimately go post up outside on campus. They proceed to indulge in a carefree time as they: fraternize, kick their rhymes, text, smoke, and just jam out to the music. It’s a diverting and fitting tribute to young adults everywhere who are trekking their way through their own educational journeys. All in all, this was a delightful flick.

**My Two Cents: I am becoming quite the fan of Mr. Lewis. He definitely held his own on this record. But Dino was quite impressive too. Everything from their styles to their rhymes were well matched. This was a five star collaboration. The video was also pretty awesome. I loved the free spirited nature of it and the little storyline was entertaining. Salute to Dino & John Lewis The Fifth for being model representations of REAL Hip-Hop down in Miami! -MinM

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