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Boombox Saintz F/ Jamaris & Dcypha – “Revolution (Can You Hear Me?)”

by Miracle

rev2(Photo By Kemical)

“Revolution (Can You Hear Me?)” F/ Jamaris & Dcypha (preview)

The Boombox Saintz are a highly respected collective within the Milwaukee music scene. They can be described as a Conscious Hip-Hop group with a variety of additional influences. They consider themselves the vigilantes of life and music. So in turn they take pride in standing up for: honor, justice, love, life, and power; especially in times where no one else will. They aim to provide guidance to the lost and support to those who are already fighting the good fight so to speak. Since readers have already gotten a feel for member Super Ego, thought it would be neat to bring a little light to the group too.

A few weeks ago, the site received the group’s latest single “Revolution (Can You Hear Me?).” It was produced by Super Ego with cuts from Dcypha. The production turned out favorably. The track opening incorporates a clip from the classic film, Lean On Me. Other elements at work include: a hearty bass, haunting musical components, an intermediary pace, and a contemplative vibe. The hook is kosher too. The vocals have a pleasant tone to them and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are cultivated. The flows are individualized, the wordplay is ornate, and the rhymes are purposeful. The lyrics do a forthright job of touching on an array of topics from drugs to empowerment. The bars really make for a great reformative based anthem. The song ends with another striking bit from Lean On Me. Overall, this is a fine illuminating record.

**My Two Cents: I thoroughly enjoyed this track. The production & cuts were choicely done. The content gave the listener some things to ponder over. And the feel of the single as a whole was just dope. I dig what the Boombox Saintz are all about and I wish them continued success with all of their future endeavors. Be sure to click the provided link and hit their Facebook Page with a like. -MinM

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Rockz December 2, 2013 - 1:10 pm

I secretly love the boombox saints. Shh.. dont tell them i said so.. 😉


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