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Lyriciss – “Big Gold Chain” (Video)

by Miracle

jpegThe Balance (iTunes)

DMV artist Lyricss finally dropped his debut album The Balance at the end of last month. The LP was preceded by three EPs: Heart, Money, and Respect. They set the tone for the debut and helped launch Lyriciss into the spotlight. The effort contains 16 total tracks with guest appearances from the likes of: Chill Moody, Maimouna Youseff, Pro’verb, etc. Producers who worked on the project include: Grussle, Casito, Slimkat78, and more. The Balance is currently available on iTunes (see above) and Spotify.

Following the delivery of the LP, Lyriciss dropped another single/visual off of the release. He selected the song “Big Gold Chain” to bring to the small screen. The record itself is heavy hitting. It was produced by Scrilla Ventura. The production is ace. The hardcore foundation, dramatic musical components, and street vibe make for a gratifying combination. The hook is simple and just features an old school style presentation of the song’s title. The verses are solid. Lyriciss supplies a committed flow, serious wordplay, and telling rhymes. He does a noteworthy job of highlighting the ills of fast money. As a whole, this is a valid single.

The visuals appear on Trill HD and were directed by Dante Bailey (Knowledgeable Ent.). The concept for the flick is basically the story being told within the verses. A young male looking to make a come up gets involved with the world of drug dealing. He becomes extremely successful in his new found trade which earns him some unfavorable attention. One thing leads to another and he ultimately meets one of the inevitable tragic fates that come along with being in the life. In between glimpses of the tale unfolding, are some cool black & white solo shots of Lyriciss himself. The video ends with a shocking revelation. Overall, this was a respectable cinematic number.

**My Two Cents: This is probably my favorite offering from Lyriciss to date. The story-telling was superb and the video carried everything out flawlessly. It will definitely capture the viewer from start to finish, as well as get a bit of a rise out of them once it’s all said and done. The ending was just so bogus (lbvs). The Balance seems like a very promising album. I certainly suggest readers preview the entire project on Spotify, then head on over to iTunes and snag a copy if they like it. Congrats to Lyriciss on officially releasing his first full length album. -MinM

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