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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – Bizal McLoud

by Miracle

10305169_234727983364423_1825522825952008927_n(Photo By Bizal McLoud)

#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

Chicago/Milwaukee talent Bizal McLoud doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s been featured on the site a couple of times before. And everyone knows that he reps Loud Management as well as Wise Owl Music Group. What readers may not know is that he is also a contender in the world of graphic design with his newest brand, Loud GFX. In fact all of the artwork for the #ISupport 3 campaign was done by him. He’s pretty nice with the imagery. Additionally, it should be noted that he just recently unleashed a brand new mixtape last month. It’s called Unfinished BIZness and can be streamed or downloaded via Dat Piff. The tape is to be followed up by a future EP coined In My Book.

The track he submitted for the upcoming #ISupport Volume 3 mixtape is labeled “Love School.” He let us in on the following details about the single: “This song is about learning how to love. Maybe you were wrong, maybe your partner was wrong, or maybe its just time to move on.  I hope the listeners enjoy my take on love.”

Bizal McLoud Defines Support As: “I think support is displayed best when there is nothing expected in return. It is then most genuine.”

That’s a short yet effective interpretation of the term ‘support.’ I like it. For more with the ambitious rapper with the signature sound, readers can hit up his official website or check him out on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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