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MDR – “Breathe”

by Miracle

artworks-000099866467-3tuxw6-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Massachusetts artist MDR enjoyed his first run on the site so much that he decided to share his newest single with us. It’s coined “Breathe” and is produced by Sims Beats. It’s a little nostalgic piece to keep his supporters going while he continues to shape and mold his upcoming mixtape Bars Over Bass.

The production here is charming. The free spirited infrastructure, airy instrumentation, mellow tempo, and easy going vibe result in a favorable pairing. There is no conventional style hook here. Instead there are a few lines incorporating the title that kind of wrap up each verse and then are repeated towards the end of the record. The lines are succinct and fetching. The verses are of an adequate quality. MDR supplies a crisp clean flow, commendable wordplay, and reflective rhymes. As he is in the midst of his second year of college, MDR was inspired by his friends dishing on high school memories to create a musical trip down memory lane of his own. His hope is that it will allow the listener to relate to him more while at the same time drumming up their own fond recollections of past events. An excerpt from his flashbacks includes: “At 14 man all I wanted to be was on the high school team and play varsity hockey. It turns out I made the team. Whole year I rode the pine. I said next year will be better. But it turns out, I lied. It’s all good. I didn’t really f–king care. Cause the friendships I made, the only thing that mattered there. (…) Well back then I didn’t care about the day or checking my Sound Cloud and counting all of my plays. Or counting my downloads, just thinking that I’ll be big. But now it’s all I think about. But f–k, I guess I’ll never win.” One has to appreciate the honest narration in those lines right there. All in all, this selection is a gem.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this tune from MDR. The production is attractive and the content is gratifying. I believe he definitely accomplished his goal of making something that people can bond with and apply to their own lives. Can’t wait to hear what else he has in store. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for details and such pertaining to his work in progress, Bars Over Bass. -MinM

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