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Lorine Chia – “Bout’ It”

by Miracle

artworks-000068689816-lwqclt-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Last April, soulful artist Lorine Chia of Cleveland was introduced to the site via an exclusive Q&A. Readers may revisit the interview here. Today, she comes to the site with her latest single called “Bout’ It.” The single is actually from her most recent project Naked Truths which is currently now available on iTunes.

The production here is tough. The hard hitting base, tense musical details, mid-tempo rhythm, and street savvy vibe make for a high-caliber combination. The hook is gratifying. The vocals are appealing and the lyrics are easy to recall. The verses are polished. Lorine Chia offers up throaty vocals and gritty lyrics. She takes on more of a Hip-Hop edge than R&B as she conveys the message that essentially talk is cheap and that instead it takes action to make an impression on her. A few attention grabbing lines include: “Yeah show me if you bout’ it. N—as talking loud but really don’t know s–t about it. If you don’t be quiet than believe I do the honors. Tired of these chickens talking bout’ they gone go at it. Don’t know s–t about it. You don’t even know. Talking about how you gone flip the script and it gone show. Disrespect the squad and it’s a lot that we gone do. Mind over matter when we come, you better move.” Those words right there are all business and create one fierce opening. As a whole, this is an entertaining number.

**My Two Cents: I was not quite expecting this from Lorine. I am pleasantly surprised. She did her thing for singing to be her medium of choice. Although she did mention in her interview that she was hard to categorize. I very much so liked the production as well. It was simple yet had a bit of swag to it. This would go great on anybody’s weekend turn up playlist. I highly suggest that readers go ahead and give it an ear. -MinM

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