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ItsYaBoiH2 – Mon-U-Mental (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

Monumental Front Cover(Photo By ItsYaBoiH2)

Earlier this year rapper ItsYaBoiH2 released his 30th full length project to date. This completed a challenge he set for himself to have 30 projects in his catalog before he crossed the threshold of being 30 years old himself. He is only in his late twenties. So that’s a pretty major deal and a whole lot of music. His latest effort is titled Mon-U-Mental. It contains a whopping 22 tracks as well as an assortment of producers and guest appearances. Get the 411 on a few tracks off of the collective after the jump.
“When The Fans Go”
The production here is soothing. The lenient bass, meek background components, passive tempo, and sentimental vibe make for an easy listening mix. The hook is enjoyable too. The delivery has an endearing harmony to it and the lyrics are sincere. The verses are altruistic. ItsYaBoiH2 exhibits a calm flow, genuine wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. He speaks in vast detail about the importance of his fans as it pertains to the pursuit of his dream. Some lines worth highlighting include: “Y’all made me who I am today. Whether life is bright or grey, I’m a stay exactly like I always say and never change. (…) So yeah I’m proud to pour every last thing that I have out on these tracks cause I know I’ll always get it back in some form or fashion. Cause your love for my passion, it never has me lacking. And always attacking which keeps attracting people taking action. They bump it, pass it, burn, and pretty soon it has ’em asking.” One has to appreciate the humbleness in those bars right there. Overall, this is a gracious effort.
This song serves as the title track of the mixtape and is also the half way marker. The production here is adequate. The thumping foundation, companionable secondary details, eager rhythm, and customary vibe result in a satisfying blend. The hook is fair. The delivery is coherent but a little brash. It could afford to be toned down just a tad. And the lyrics are decent. The verses are quality. ItsYaBoiH2 presents an energetic flow, fine wordplay, and copacetic rhymes. He goes to great lengths to prove that he is worthy of being linked to the term in the title. A couple of notable lines are: “Who really wanna knuckle up with somebody whose f–ked up as I am. I cram so many words up in a verse like a hearse til the windows burst. (…) Killing everything like Son Of Sam. Pitches always underhand. Still surprise my fans with nothing planned. Ya understand I will leave my brand stamped on ya a** like I own a ranch. So advanced and unattached to any punk a** rapper with a gun attached thinking that’ll keep me from coming back. I’m just too fast. I got the balls to strike ’em all out like man I can’t believe that he swung at daddy.” There is a strong sense of dauntlessness within those words. All in all, this is an engaging selection.
The production here is official. The orthodox infrastructure, eccentric musical ingredients, charged gait, and intense vibe are a becoming fit. The hook is modest. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are valid. The verses are sufficient. ItsYaBoiH2 serves up an aggressive flow, up to par wordplay, and suitable rhymes. At the beginning of the track he let the listener know that this cut was all about the turn up. That was a perfect description. Peep it as he spits: “I’m back in the mud with my big a** foot stuck off in yo anus. (…) I’ll touch all of y’all with just one finger. ET put you in the ER. Cause I was taught never take s–t from strangers. Especially lames reproducing to make a movement. When all it does is keep the real in danger. F–k that I don’t deal with anger. B—h I just embrace it. Give these mothaf–kas a facelift til they can’t find where they face is.” Those are some biting bars right there. In the end, this is an intermediate single.
“I’m Holding Back”
The production here is rich. The full base, expressive instrumentation, mellow pace, and sobering vibe mesh charmingly. The hook is nice. The sampled vocals are compelling and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are kosher. ItsYaBoiH2 brings a passionate flow, attentive wordplay, and introspective rhymes. He pens a deeply personal tale of persevering in the midst of doubt and negativity. A handful of striking lines are: “They stared and laughed at my paragraphs. And never had a second thought that I’d ever crack code to this rap. I’m colder than turning down a homeless man after I was homeless. Never asked you to hold my hand. My whole dilemma’s holding back what I’ve had to endure to get where I’m at. Which isn’t that far. But damn what do I have left in the tank that hasn’t been tracked. But I feel like a minority. Cause majority’s whack.” The level of vulnerability in those words right there is stirring. As a whole, this is a moving offering.
**My Two Cents: First, I would just like to congratulate H2 on achieving his 30 before 30 goal. That is extremely admirable and shows a lot of dedication. Now moving on to the tape. Mon-U-Mental is a reasonable project. The production was efficient and H2’s contribution was estimable. He kept things flexible and had some strong lyrical moments. He needs to slightly work on keeping his fluidity tight when he spits and maintaining an element of pizzazz within his bars. But the tape is certainly worth checking out and makes for a cool point of fulfillment. -MinM

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