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Life White – “Rain” (Video)

by Miracle

o94jf8(Photo By Tiny Pic)

“Rain” (listen/download)

Life White is a British artist/producer. He is coming to the site all the way from Ipswich, United Kingdom. At the moment he is circulating the single and video to his latest offering, “Rain.” The song was written and produced by White himself with guitar in-put from an individual by the name of Jordan Humber.  The track is a slow romantic style number. The production is very pleasing to the ear and the guitar fits in flawlessly. The hook is official as well and the verses are of a estimable quality. White brings attractive heartfelt vocals and endearing lyrics to the table. He coins a flattering gesture of encouragement and love for his special lady. It’s a successful effort overall. Peep the visuals below.

This video was put together by Luke Pyett. It follows Life White as he hits up a walking trail in a densely wooded area. The scenery also contains lush grass and gorgeous flowers as well. Throughout the course of his walk, White takes small moments to pause and vibe out amongst the picturesque settings. He looks very relaxed and at peace as he performs and takes in his surroundings. One of the more memorable shots entails White sitting in a field while the sun sets in the foreground. It is a very radiant glimpse. The flick ends with a fading look at White picking himself up and continuing on with his journey through the earlier mentioned field. All in all, this was a decent project.

**My Two Cents: Life White has a really nice voice. I thought the song was well packaged as it relates to both the content and the production. The video was on the simple side yet still worth watching. The choice of location was excellent as it really helped to enhance the work. It was a coy embodiment of a charming track. As a whole, this was a noble introduction to Life White. I wouldn’t mind hearing more from him in the future. -MinM

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