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Level Next Music Presents – Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 (Episode 6)

by Miracle

(Photo By LevelNextMusic.Com)

Episode six of Making The Mixtape: My Level Is Next Volume 2 has officially rolled out. This episode has been dubbed “The Crew.” It allows viewers to get to know the  people who work behind the scenes in order to help Level Next Music function and be successful. Go ahead and have a look below.


The episode starts off with a happy ending to the featured discussion with Endiskize group member Ms. China. The love and reassurance between the Level Next Music VP and China was awesome to see. It reaffirmed the positive aura that surrounds the Level Next Music brand. Following the call, fans got to meet a few of the Level Next team members on the business side. There is Jamahl, who is the personal assistant to Endiskize. He has a neat story about how his journey to the team involved him reconnecting with family. Next up is Carleton, who works as part of the promotion crew. He shares how he got his love of music and his spot on the team through his parents. And last but not least is Alex. Alex is a vocal coach for the camp. He dishes on how the philanthropy and upbeat energy of Level Next Music attracted him to the company. The episode closes out with Taylor Mallory taking the stage for a live show right here in Milwaukee. All in all, this was a fantastic episode.

**My Two Cents: It was a pleasure to be able to learn more about the people who work more on just the business side of things. Simply because often times those are the people who get overlooked and go unappreciated. Also, it makes a strong statement when everyone on the team has nothing but authentic and dignified things to say about the company for which they work. Props to Level Next Music for building such a respectable brand. Keep up the excellent work! Episode seven will air this Thursday. Catch it, previous episodes, and more over at the Level Next Music website. -MinM

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