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L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Now Or Neva (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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After hearing tracks from Now Or Neva at the L.E.P. Bogus Boys private listening event here in Milwaukee, decided it was worth sharing with readers. The project has eighteen tracks and is hosted by the infamous DJ Green Lantern. Also, it features some of the hottest names in Hip-Hop like: Lupe Fiasco, Meek Mills, Shawnna, etc. Now Or Neva has all the makings of a classic street soundtrack. Click the jump to find out why.

“AmeriKKKa’s Worst Nightmare” (Produced by Honorable C.N.O.T.E)

This is the very first track on the tape. The production here is fire. It has a very heavy bass, haunting background vocals, and a strong intense street feel. The hook is on point too. The sing song delivery adds a unique aspect to the track and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are hot as well. Count and Moonie both came with top notch flows and skillfully crafted rhymes. They did an excellent job of painting a disturbing  image of the streets and the individuals that reside in them: “They say a n—a too sheisty. I said you godd–n right. But it’s a million n—as like me. Don’t go to sleep at night.” Other dope lines include: “I don’t give a f–k, n—a I don’t give a f–k. Could have a burner on his waist, I still stick him up. Could be a 20 year n—a, I still cock it back. Could be begging for his life, I still pop his a$$. Rattle snake – slimey /cold hearted – grimey, got all these young gunnas coming up just like me. They ain’t going, them n—gas warring. Got them hammers blowing. Killing s–t, I call they a$$ Children Of The Corn.” Those are some raw rhymes right there and they also ring true. Cats really get down like that in the streets of Chicago. And loved the Children Of The Corn reference too, great classic Horror movie. Overall, this track is a winner and a strong way to kick off the mixtape.

“Claim My S–t” (Produced by @HeisDrFoxx)

This track seemed to be a hit amongst guests at the listening event. The production here is on point. It features: a low bass, gun spitting sound effects, and a hood vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery has an uptempo pace and the lyrics are a call to several well known Mid-West gangs and gangsters. The verses are good. Once again, the duo had strong flows and clever rhymes. They do a great job of putting fake gangsters on blast while giving insight to how real G’s get down. Hot lines include: “N—as know where I’m from. The Chi streets is legendary. Checking n—as resume, yea we know your background. Never been in no beef cause homie you a cash cow. N—as gang banging just to make a fashion statement. But they ain’t gangsta, it’s just all in they imagination. Just exaggerating, got my shooters agitated. Til’ we start clapping like we sending them congratulations.” The wordplay in those lines is sick and they go extra hard. In the end this another hit song. Perfect anthem for all the TRUE gangsters out there.

“Click Clack” F / Dion Primo (Produced by Phoenix for The Soundkillers)

The production here is quality. It continues with the low key sound but has a more relaxed feel to it than the previous cuts. The hook here is great. The vocals are flawless and the lyrics are creative. The verses are well put together. The deliveries were clean and the rhymes were very clever. The use of personification was brilliant. Instead of just spouting the typical tales of gun play, the fellas gave the gun female qualities. So it made the verses stand out more and made the track more interesting. For example: “I got a b–ch named Nina, come from Arizona. Reminded me of Trina cause she got a body on her. One private owner before me. Who? The police – said he rarely touched her. He just used her as a show piece. Quick temper, hair pin trigger, go off when n—as try to make friends with her. And when I get her in the club, she just play the side. N—as won’t approach her cause they too intimidated by her.” Very ill lines right there and great imagery. This song is a favorite off the tape for sure.  And it serves as a good example of the Bogus Boys’ talent.

“Baghdad” F / Dion Primo (Produced by Hit-Boy)

The production here is dope. The mid-tempo pace with the bass line and various sound effects gives the track a nice smooth feel to it. The hook is a winner. Dion’s vocals go perfectly with the beat and the lyrics are clever. They do a good job of painting the picture of a  city at war. The verses deliver as well. Count and Moonie’s flows go hand in hand with the beat and their lyrics are proper. Also, the rhymes contribute to the picture of a war torn city created by the hook. Definitely doesn’t make Chicago sound like a place to go for a friendly visit. Overall, this track is solid and worth putting into rotation.

“I Just Wanna” F / Shawnna & Dion Primo (Produced by Young RY)

Chose to highlight this track because it shows a different side to the duo. The production here is fair. It has a slow tempo pace and a grown and sexy type of vibe at work. It could have used something to make it a little more interesting though. As is, it falls just a little flat. The hook is decent, Mr. Primo had some pleasant vocal work going on once again. The lyrics were respectable too, had an attractive element to them. The verses are straight but not the best work from any of the three rappers. Count, Moonie, and Shawnna all had clear consistent flows. However, their rhymes fell slightly short. They weren’t bad but there was nothing that made them unique or memorable. It was just the typical story of a guy and girl hooking up for some late night fun. Which is disappointing because all three rappers have an impressive way with the pen. In the end, this song is alright. Not the strongest track on the project but it’s still worth a few spins.

**My Two Cents: These five tracks are just a  few examples of the banging content found on Now Or Neva. The project as a whole is quality and certainly worth checking out. The album is definitely geared more towards listeners into street/gangsta style Hip-Hop. However I think that if one kept an open mind, that any music lover could find something appealing about the tape. The production was smartly selected and the L.E.P. Bogus Boys expertly put their rhymes together too. The duo is definitely holding it down for Chicago and the tape reflects why they are starting to get so much love and recognition in the industry. But don’t just take my word for it. Head on over to DatPiff at the above provided link and have a listen for yourself. -MinM

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