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Winter Wars Show Review (The Mio-Lounge)

by Miracle

This past Thursday (12/15), saw the Winter Wars Show brought to local Southside Milwaukee venue The Mio-Lounge. The event was hosted by the BlackWorld Music Group. The show featured five very unique Hip-Hop acts from around Milwaukee and it only cost $5  to get in. So that’s about $1 per act, not bad for a good Hip-Hop show. The venue interior included: low disco style lights, a large screen display showing some of the latest Hip-Hop videos, and white linen dressed tables that lined the far wall. For the first half of the event, guests were treated to tunes from B.U. (Be You) of BlackWorld Music. Visitors settled in and the artists got prepared while he spun a variety of blazing Hip-Hop tracks both old and new. Then around 11pm, the first act of the night took the stage.

The act was Doble Uno. Doble Uno rocked the stage, kicking things off with a Reggaeton flavor. The crowd seemed pretty into it as they danced and showed Doble Uno a lot of love. After a brief intermission, the second act of the night was up. That act was none other then beloved Milwaukee femcee Kia Rap Princess (pictured above) of Blaqlizt Music Entertainment. Kia blazed the stage and captivated the audience with her laid back demeanor, dope rhymes, and charismatic stage presence. She performed old hits like “Right!” and new tracks like “WTF U On.” She also did a little singing, which pleasantly surprised the audience. And it should be noted that she was the only artist who took the stage solo and the only female artist on the bill. Way to hold your own with the fellas Kia! The Sypher Squad was next up to bat. The group had a high energy quality set and some pumped up fans in the audience. Having such a loyal fan base in attendance must have created a little bit of pressure but they handled it well. Everyone enjoyed the set. And closing out the event last but not least were members from the BlackWorld Music Group B.U. and Big Fab. They too had a big fan following, made evident by how loud the crowd got when they hopped on stage. They also owned the pressure, ending the show on a high note. Overall, the event was pretty decent. All of the acts delivered solid performances and there was a fair turnout.

**My Two Cents: Didn’t love the choice of lighting but otherwise I enjoyed this event. All the artists did their thing and I got to meet a few members of the Sypher Squad. Very cool dudes, so be on the lookout for future content from them. Props to BlackWorld Music Group and The Mio-Lounge for giving Milwaukee artists the opportunity to show off their talents. -MinM

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