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Kydd F/ WorldWide – “Too Thoed” (Video)

by Miracle

kydd(Photo By Kydd)

The Righteous LP (preview/purchase)

Kydd is an artist / writer / producer holding it down for Austin, Texas. He recently entered a new phase in his career after receiving some mentoring from legendary rapper Chuck D (Public Enemy) and relocating to Brooklyn, New York. While working on future releases he is promoting his latest offering, The Righteous LP. The project serves as homage to his Southern roots in light of his move to the East Coast. Last month he dropped a set of visuals for a single off of the album dubbed, “Too Thoed.”


“Too Thoed” features another Texas rapper by the name of Worldwide. Kydd and Worldwide met via the The Red Bull Skooled Tour and recorded the song during SXSW 2011. The track has a mid-tempo soulful old school element to it with paramount rhymes and a street vibe. The video is a product of Grind Life Films. It is shot in black & white and entails an evident concept. Said concept is basically just Kydd and Worldwide zoning out while working on music together. They kick it in a residence with their peers; drinking, smoking, and having a good time. The main scene involves the two writing / spitting their bars from notebooks as they sit across the table from one another. The set-up is epic. It just gives off the epitome of two real emcees in their element. Additionally, the piece is sprinkled  with lots of reoccurring glimpses of musical instruments and recording equipment. As a whole, this was a four star quality set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: I’m feeling this track and video. I thought the single was really well crafted and the visuals were the perfect compliment to the song. Everything was just super chill and easy to follow. Readers can hear more of Kydd’s music by checking out The Righteous LP on Band Camp. Furthermore he is prepping a new album titled GR33D and is set to release a single with fellow rapper MF DOOM called “Jet Fuel” sometime soon. And for anyone looking, Kydd can found on the web via his official site. -MinM

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