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King Gamble – “Let It Go”

by Miracle

Readers meet King Gamble. He is a young rapper on the rise from Brooklyn, NY. He is also into songwriting. He was influenced by music at an early age, taking to artists such as DMX, Eminem, Jadakiss, etc. Despite the fact that he was impacted by the more aggressive cats in the game, he himself tends to operate with a calm flexible style. His music is known for having strong punchlines and memorable hooks. Hoping to be seen as a fresh addition to the world of Hip-Hop, King Gamble is doing all he can to get his fun cool brand of rap out to the masses. His most current effort involves the release of a new video. The video is his take on “Let It Go” by Red Cafe. Hit the play button below.

This video is short and simple. It features King Gamble amidst a white backdrop. While he does his thing, a variety of different colors and special effects come into play. They add a nice touch and bring some extra life to the visuals. One of the standouts would be the shot with dark lighting and the confetti like pieces raining down. It just looks cool. King Gamble worked the video too. He had some enticing antics/movements going on. It definitely showed off the earlier mentioned fun side of his persona. Overall, this is a nifty little video. It’s brief but well done. If readers liked the video, good news. King Gamble is getting ready to drop his debut mixtape. The tape has been dubbed The Prelude: Vol 1 and is scheduled for release sometime this Summer. Also, be sure to follow King Gamble on Twitter.

**My Two Cents: This was a dope video. All the different effects were pleasing to look at and smartly placed. Also, it was my first time hearing King Gamble spit, so it was an easy going introduction the the Brooklyn artist. Looking forward to hearing more via his debut tape. -MinM

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