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BMK & Mid-West Entertainment Hall Presents: Mil-town Stand Up (Show Review)

by Miracle

Mr. Flako-3D

Kewl G.

The Illixer ventured into a new Hip-Hop territory last night (3/31) and hit up the Mid-West Entertainment Hall. Local entertainment trio BMK put together an open mic event entitled, Mil-town Stand Up. Things kicked off around 10pm. Guests filtered in and were warmly greeted by BMK members Brew City King, Metro, and Kewl G. Once guests were tucked inside, there was a bar with great drink specials and the deejay was spinning a nice variety of cuts. A little after 11pm, artists began to hit the stage.

First, Brew City King and Kewl G established themselves as hosts, officially welcomed everybody to the event, and then kicked things into gear. Rapper Ace and his G.I.N Entertainment crew opened with a few choice selections. One of which included “Coming Hard,” from his album All Eyes On My City. The album is currently available on iTunes. They got things off to a good start with an energetic showing and dope music. Their performance was followed up by a brief intermission, which allowed guests time to get drink refills, take smoke breaks, step outside for fresh air, etc. Also, hosts Brew City King and Kewl made their rounds and ensured all in attendance were having a fun time and enjoying the music. Way to take care of the people fellas. The intermission ended and a few other acts took the stage and did their thing. Among them were  local rapper Wyl Snap and BMK member Kewl G himself. Kewl actually just did a couple of freestyles but they were on point and the crowd was feeling it. Shortly after his stint on the mic, Kewl brought out the headliner of the night. The headliner was none other than popular local Hip-Hop/Reggaeton artist Mr. Flako 3D. Flako came with a lively stage presence and a unique set. He graced the crowd with both Spanish and English flavored Hip-Hop, appealing to the diversity that was present. The highlight of his show was his remix of the infamous “N—as In Paris” single by The Throne. He had tight rhymes and strong crowd participation. He ended the performance segment on a high note. Readers can get to know Flako better via his Reverb Nation page. Once the performances wrapped up, the after set took place. After sets are basically parties that start once all of the local bars and such close and last until people get tired. Word has it that the BMK after set went on until about 6am. Talk about partying hard. All in all, it was a nice event. Brew City King and Kewl G were wonderful hosts and the performers were entertaining.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been hearing a little bit about the Mid-West Entertainment Hall lately but this was my first time actually visiting the venue. And I have to say that I enjoyed myself. I was exposed to a different collective of rappers and I got to support my peeps Brew City King and Kewl G. So props to the fellas on making a pleasing first impression. Looking forward to the next one! -MinM

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