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King Gamble – “How Many Drinks Remix”

by Miracle

artworks-000050845692-pioeud-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“How Many Drinks Remix” (preview)

The site left off on week four of King Gamble‘s Best Of 7 Series. So already at the half way mark. For the fourth record, King Gamble took a shot at remaking “How Many Drinks” by recent R&B favorite Miguel. The original song is a slow tempo piece with delicate background elements and a subdued vibe. The hook is fair and the content is satisfactory. As a whole, it’s a respectable effort. For Gamble’s version he held the production, break, and hook in tact. This was a good decision as he works well within the already established parts. His newly added verses are gratifying. He emits a blended flow, flattering wordplay, and nonchalant rhymes. He keeps up the flirty diverting nature of the preceding single while bringing his own seasoning to the mix. Some intriguing lines include: “It’s getting hot. Girl I’m peeping all the glances. Touching on my chest on the low while we laughing. Either way we going home. So we won’t lose. Take another shot, turn up. What you trying to prove? That’s Patron love. Baby, what you trying to do? I’m not lying but ya body’s what I’m trying to do. Run my fingers through ya hair. Now we coasting.” Those are some plush bars right there. In the end, this was a suitable offering.

**My Two Cents: This was an easy listening remix. King Gamble brought out his reserved side and it went great with the played down track. I love the fact that Gamble can flip a song without having to change too much. It allows the listener to enjoy what they love about the original while at the same time embracing new elements. That takes some skill. There are only three weeks left in the Best Of 7 Series. It will be interesting to hear what Gamble hits us with next. -MinM

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