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King Gamble F/ ISM – “Started From The Bottom” (Video)

by Miracle

started-from-the-bottom-billboard(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Started From The Bottom” F/ ISM (listen/download)

Love him or hate him, one can not deny the fact that Drake‘s music is notorious for two things: sparking remixes and catch phrases. His latest offering “Started From The Bottom” is no different. It became an instant favorite once it hit the web and now the phrase is all over social media and the remixes have started to pour in. Among the talents trying their hand at remaking the single is the homie King Gamble. He teamed up with his partner ISM. Not only did the two drop a track but they also put together a video as well. The song itself can be heard above. They did an impressive job of covering the record. Their flows fit the beat appropriately and their rhymes were of grade A quality. Peep the visuals below.

It should be noted that this track was not just done for fun but will also be featured on the duo’s upcoming joint mixtape. The tape has been labeled, Henny and Bacardi. It drops sometime this Summer. The video was directed by @LCJhaBaby. The lay out of the flick is pretty self-explanatory. It simply consists of King Gamble and ISM posted up on the block while they perform their designated parts. There are a few tricks with angles, mobility, and colors thrown into the mix to give things a little pizzazz. Additionally, Gamble and ISM have an effortless chemistry going on and feed off of each admirably. The viewer really does get the impression that they are just two good friends free-styling and vibing out. The video ends by fading to black and then transitioning into a couple of advertisements. Overall, this was a first-rate remix and an adequate video.

**My Two Cents: This is definitely one of the better remixes that I’ve heard of “Started From The Bottom.” King Gamble made a wise decision by linking up with ISM. He’s a beast. And the video had a smooth look to it as a whole. I’m looking forward to hearing what else the two have coming with their Henny and Bacardi project. Catch up with both artists by hitting up those links. -MinM

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