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$hamrock F/ Dangeruss, Jelly Roll, & Caskey – “Otha Side Of Town” (Remix)

by Miracle

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“Otha Side Of Town” (Remix) F/ Dangeruss, Jelly Roll, & Caskey (preview)

 #GreenTeam (listen/download)

$hamrock and Dangeruss have done quite a bit of work together as of late. However, it’s their single “Otha Side Of Town” that seems to be the biggest hit with their supporters thus far. So much so, that they remixed the track. A review of the original can be found here. For the remix, they added two more Southern greats to the line up. Those greats are Tennessee legend Jelly Roll and Cash Money’s newest member Caskey. The remix comes right on time as this weekend marks the release of the edgy film Spring Breakers. Dangeruss played a huge part in shaping the movie’s leading bad guy Alien. Whom just happens to be a reflection of the theme of the song. Here is what was shared about the flick: “For director Harmony Korine‘s Spring Breakers hitting theaters this weekend, St.Pete rapper Dangeruss provided guidance for James Franco‘s critically-acclaimed turn as drug-dealer/rapper Alien. Alien represents to viewers the complexity of a troubled young adult reared on the metaphoric other side of town.” Readers can get more info about the movie here.

The production as well as $ham & Dangeruss’s verses remain the same for this remix. Jelly Roll picks up right where $hamrock leaves off. Jelly provides an even polished flow, savvy wordplay, and four-star rhymes. He took the gutter theme up a notch as he provided elaborate details about family struggles, legal issues, and more. He went in. A few noteworthy lines include: “Fast forward twelve years. We sitting in a courtroom. Waiting on a verdict. And if they find us guilty, the time that they gone give us, man they might as well have killed us. Hey better tell ’em Dangeruss. Before this rap was angel dust. They needed weed. They needed her(oin). They needed coke. They came to us. My brother was a gangsta, Told me to keep a banger.” Fly bars by Jelly right there. Last but not least is rapper Caskey. He exhibits an uncommon flow, rugged wordplay, and striking rhymes. He wraps things up with harsh tales of things that take place on the streets of the “other side.” All in all, Jelly Roll & Caskey made for premium additions to an already top-of-the-line track.

**My Two Cents: I’m digging this cut. I liked it before but Jelly and Caskey added some cool and fresh perspectives. Much respect to all four artists for doing their thing. Spring Breakers is now officially in theaters, so show your support and go see it. Also, #GreenTeam is currently available for free download. So be sure to check out the mixtape as well. $hamrock and Dangeruss are sure to appreciate it. -MinM

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