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$killz – Man Of Steel (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

Man Of Steel (listen/download)

Milwaukee emcee $killz (Sypher Squad) has released another mixtape for his faithful public. It is his third tape and the follow up to his previously released Sound Of Superman work. The new offering is titled Man Of Steel. The full 80 minutes of free music policy is still honored. Also, there are guest appearances from other 414 greats like B.U. of BlackWorld Music Group, $killz’s protégé South Side Tone, the good homie Ole P (Vibe Music), and more. The tape opens with a clip from the movie of the same name from the legendary superman film franchise. It ends with one of $killz best collaborations this year, “Game Over.” And there is a little bit of everything in between. Click the jump for a slight taste of what to expect.

“Ready 4 War”

The production here is decent. The low elements and medium tempo fit together nicely. However, was expecting something a bit more intense due to the title. The hook is good. The delivery is heavy and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are raw. $killz has a fluid flow, cutting wordplay, and serious rhymes. He really unleashes his battle ready side in striking details for the listener. He states: “I’m feeling kind of crazy. Cause lately they trying to spray me. Take me away from my ladies. But mainly that s–t don’t phase me. My safety is ensured. That’s a hood n—a policy. Living in the hood. I’m a hood n—a obviously. You get it when I’m good. All the OG’s acknowledge me. I’m possibly the sickest in the Mil with this rhyming thing.” Those lines have a bit of the combative $killz and a bit of the confidence that fans have come to love. So listeners get the best of both worlds. Overall, this song is legit.

“The Anointed” F/ Ole P

The production here is refined. It contains very subtle musical elements, soft instrumentation, and a super calm vibe. The hook is fair. It’s more or less duplication of the title with a vocal effect in place. It matches the nature of the track well though. The verses are quality. $killz takes the lead and Ole P finishes things off. The duo come with easy going flows, solid wordplay, and respectable rhymes. They demonstrate their flair for rhyming while sharing some brief personal notions on their musical careers. Some lines from $killz worth taking note of are: “Yo I’m a legend in the making. I’m so destined for greatness. If you think I’m not the best then maybe you got me mistaken for somebody who probably don’t give a damn about this music. Use it to my advantage cause still I manage to prove s–t.” That is a short quote but it reflects $killz’s persona perfectly. In the end, this song is a hit. Nice vibe music as Ole P would say.

“Street Life” F/ Sypher Lady X

The production here is premium. It includes soulful ingredients and a livelier feel than the previous tracks. The hook is excellent. It incorporates a sample from a song of the same name by 70’s Jazz/R&B singer Randy Crawford. The vocals are amazing and the lyrics are engaging. The vocalist here really did an impressive job of putting her own flavor on things. The verses are informative. $killz and Lady relay the story of a young woman going through some extremely tough times. Each artist contributes clean flows and telling rhymes. They paint a very real picture of the situation with their words. Peep it as $killz shares: “Cold in a world that she barely even knows. One day she was walking to school, everything cool. Til’ some dudes rolled up trying to get her to come too, she refused. That’s where it all began. They jumped out grabbed her. She fought as hard as she can. But no use. They overpowered her easily. Pulled her to an alley and they raped her repeatedly. Eventually, she got away. Only to find out the next day she was positive for AIDS.” Disturbing but well put together lines right there. All in all, this song is a must hear.

“Sickest Slang” F/ B.U.

The production here is hot. The weighted components and eerie sound effects create a very dark tone. It should be noted that B.U. is the mastermind behind the beat. So he pulled double duty on this one. The hook is ill too. The delivery is tight and the lyrics are edgy. Also, B.U. and $killz have a dope exchange going on. The verses are first-class. B.U. slays the first verse and $killz slaughters the second. The duo exhibit distinct flows, insane wordplay, and four-star rhymes. They portray themselves in a very twisted fashion. Brings a slightly Horrorcore ambiance to the track. Check it as $killz spits: “You OC thinking I won’t kick you in yo throat B. A! This is alphabetical slaughter. F–k physical torture. I’ll stuff your daughter back in the womb and then make you abort her. Sorta kinda like a schizophrenic maniac. Alien invasion, man you ain’t even a plane attack.” A little graphic but one has to appreciate the artistry in those lines. Overall, this song is a banger and the favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: Man Of Steel is a gratifying offering. Everything delivers from the production to the content. Also, it contains over 20 tracks. So there is plenty to keep any listener occupied. It’s a little grittier than the previous tape from $killz but that’s a positive thing. Makes it standout more. Fans of $killz will certainly enjoy it. And other Hip-Hop heads should be able to find some favorable aspects about it too. Only way to know for sure though is to head on over to Band Camp and give the entire mixtape a listen for yourself. And if you’re missing $killz on Facebook, he is only operating from his Fan Page now. So reconnect with him by liking the page. -MinM

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