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$killz – “All Work, No Play” (Video)

by Miracle

Local emcee $killz has to be the hardest working rapper in the game. He has dropped yet another video for all of his adoring fans to enjoy. This video is for his street single “All Work, No Play.” The single was produced by Adlib of UMG (Umbrella Music Group). Though it will not be featured on $killz’s next project, it makes for a good promotional item. So go ahead, click play, and peep the visuals.



This video is a Strictly Bizz Productions project. Strictly Bizz Productions is a company involving $killz and his partner in crime Lil Ole P of Vibe Music.  The duo shot the video together and then $killz made the edits. Ole P also plays a cameo role. It takes a lot of talent to: shoot, edit, and star in your own project. So the fellas get respect alone just for doing that. Not to mention the video turned out really well. It features $killz in his element, making music. The primary scenes show $killz hard at work at his desk and in the booth recording. There are also shots of him kicking back with Ole P. The thing that sells the video though, is the editing and special effects. For example, there are black and white scenes that feature just a hint of color. So there will randomly be a yellow wall or a green notebook that appear. It’s a very cool concept. Another example, is the way the video is framed. There is the main shot in the middle and then it’s framed on the top and bottom with a split shot of $killz in the booth. It’s a very creative and brilliant idea. Words don’t do it justice, it has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The video ends with a brief rewind and some good old fashioned color footage of $killz and Ole P.

**My Two Cents: $killz never ever disappoints me. I believe he is one of those rare individuals that was born to do this music thing. I was very impressed with this video. It was interesting to watch and the track is insane. $killz’s debut solo album Watch & Learn is dropping soon, so stay tuned. In the mean time, catch up with $killz on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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