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Timbaland F/ Dev – “Break Ya Back”

by Miracle











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 “Break Ya Back”

Veteran rapper/producer Timbaland is gearing up to drop a new album. It will be for his Shock Value series. This single makes for the second release off of the upcoming project. The production here is fire. It contains a hard hitting bass line, a mid-tempo pace, and a smooth vibe. The hook is not very complex but is still of high quality. Dev has savvy vocals and the lyrics are super addictive. The verses are hot too. Timbaland takes on the first and last verses, while Dev flexes her rapping skills on the second. Both artists came with swagger filled flows, quick wordplay, and impeccable rhymes. Standout lines from the lovely Dev include: “My swagger is so sick, so hot, can start a pimp valley. The game they can’t deny me. B–ches is gone try me. I just keep it moving cause I’m cooler than ice cream. Dev on ya flat screen. Yes I rap, plus sing. I know you wanna be like me but you can be my offspring.”  Dev snapped in those lines. Especially when you consider the fact that she’s more of a Pop/Techno artist. Overall, this song is a banger. The beat and the content are both insane. But please click the link and let your own ears be the judge. Shock Value III is reportedly scheduled for release sometime in June. Word has it that Tim debuted a few tracks at this year’s SXSW and got a very positive response. Check out the footage and keep up with details on the new album via the Shock Value III Facebook page. Get more with Timbaland via his website.

**My Two Cents: I have been a Timbaland fan since his debut back in the day. The man is just a beast when it comes to music. He’s versatile too, so he can make more than just dope Hip-Hop records. Which is what I love about him. I think Dev is pretty fierce as well. She brings something different to the table and it seems authentic. She doesn’t come off as just another gimmick. I’m definitely interested in seeing what else Shock Value III has to offer. Welcome back Tim! -MinM

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