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KiD TeF F/ Anna Marie Austin, Sam Hill, & Trae Isaac – “#ILYM”

by Miracle

artworks-000087509279-vqk22w-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

KiD TeF is an artist coming into his own from Detroit, MI. He was brought into the music scene in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. He is said to stand out due to his energetic delivery and creative lyrics. His style is described as raw and gritty. In addition to music, he is exploring the worlds of film and fashion as well. At the moment, he is getting his supporters ready to receive his debut solo project TOY$ which is due out later this year.
The latest in his efforts is the release of his single “#ILYM.” It’s bursting with guest appearances from fellow artists: Anna Marie Austin, Sam Hill, & Trae Isaac. The production is a play on work by the late great J. Dilla. The production here is intriguing.  The subtle foundation, assorted musical ingredients, unique rhythm, and unconventional vibe result in an engaging blend. The hook is decent. The vocals are quality and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are solid. The three gentleman bring individualized flows, intermediate wordplay, and adequate rhymes. It should be noted that the third verse is done more so in the medium of a spoken word style. The trio’s purpose was to present a discourse to the listener regarding the modern day interactions between men and women. A couple of notable lines include: “Used to smoke and laugh. Now we fight and f–k. Just to ease the pain, smoking hella blunts. She don’t need a ring or expensive shoes. Make a n—a feel like we was in middle school. Years going past. Now we growing old. I wonder if our love will ever ever really fold. She say I love you baby when I walk out the door. I say I love you too. She say I love you more.” Those are some telling bars right there. Overall, this is a respectable selection.
**My Two Cents: This was a fair track. The sound was certainly something different and I liked the content as well. KiD TeF and his crew held their own. The verses could have been a tad stronger lyrically though. The battle of the sexes is an age old topic that gets covered all the time in music. So artists really have to push their boundaries to generate a fresh take on it. But as a whole, I think readers will be drawn to it. Best way to find out for sure though is to take a listen for yourselves. So go ahead and click that play button. -MinM

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