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EK – “Giant Fall”

by Miracle

artworks-000086438757-7q23f8-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Earlier this Summer our friends over at Producers United hipped us to their fellow Boston talent EK. That first submission went over really well. So it was a treat to find a second submission from EK in the site’s inbox this morning. He is still going strong in his campaign for his forthcoming EP, Hands Of Time. His most recent offering “Giant Fall” is garnering lots of buzz and has over 5,000 plays to date. That’s quite impressive as it has only been in rotation for about three weeks.
The production here was handled by another popular Boston talent Latrell James. It turned out charmingly. It consists of: a stable bass-line, quirky secondary details, a satiny tempo, and a toned down vibe. The hook is good. The delivery has some harmony to it and the lyrics are eminent. The verses are prime. EK doles out a vital flow, gifted wordplay, and highbrow rhymes. He does a fine job of giving the listener a perceptive earful. Observe as he spits: “We was born with great minds. Just never use it. Just abuse it. My n—a caught a body. Doing 15 to life and he still owe Sallie Mae. Tell me ain’t life a b—h, huh? (…) Why can’t I reach, huh? Scratching tickets for a buck or two. Millionaire ambition got me thinking it is possible.” There is some strong imagery coming from those sprinkling of bars right there. Overall, this is another substantial number from EK.
**My Two Cents: This was a likeable record. The beat was very original and the execution of the content was fresh too. I like the way that EK put his points together on this track. He gave off like a hood prophet type of aura. I can certainly understand why this song is doing so well. Hands Of Time will be hitting a pair of speakers near you this Fall. So be sure to keep those ears on alert. And much love to Shawn Patel of ProU for keeping us in the loop with EK! -MinM

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