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Kia Rap Princess – “Run Away Witchu” (Blaqlizt Vault Exclusive)

by Miracle

kia hall(Photo By Steve White)

“Run Away Witchu” (preview)

At the end of last year, The Illixer dropped a song called “Save Your Love” by Kia Rap Princess. It was a version of her that hardly anyone had heard or seen before and her fans loved it. So much so, that she was willing to allow the site to share another unique track. The new single is called “Run Away Witchu.” The production here is enchanting. The upbeat tempo, effervescent secondary components, and free-spirited vibe result in a refreshing mix. The hook is likeable. The vocals are solid and the lyrics are uplifting. The verses are one of a kind. Kia serves up eccentric vocals and very heart-felt lyrics. Where as in the earlier mentioned track she was struggling with love, she seems to have found a good hold on it in this one and is cherishing every minute of it. A nice contrast from her usual suave player style approach to things. She croons: “I swear your love is like heaven to me. I just die when I’m in your arms. Cause when I’m there I feel safe and free. Like the world can’t do me no harm. My heart skips when it feels your touch. And I melt every time that we kiss. And all my friends say they’re jealous of me. They never had a love that’s quite like this.” Beautiful and touching sentiments being displayed by the princess in the song’s opening. All in all, this single is a winner and another great alternative for Kia.

**My Two Cents: I think this is another excellent example that Kia can do a lot more than just blow people away with her bars. Her singing skills are on point too. And they are so diverse, that she could utilize them in any fashion. She had a Rock thing going on before. This feels like a little R&B fused with Pop. I love this side of Kia and hope that she decides to do more. In the mean time, the princess hasn’t forgotten the genre that originally brought her to the dance so to speak. She’s dropping a visual for her smash hit “Getting To The Money” very soon. And in even bigger news, she is releasing a brand new mixtape on April 20th titled, I Am Kia Rap Princess. It is going to be so epic that she is throwing an event to celebrate the occasion. More details coming soon. Readers can check out a behind the scenes clip of Kia in action below and follow her on Twitter to keep up with future ventures. -MinM

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