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Kia Rap Princess – Heiress To The Throne: Volume 2 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Heiress To The Throne – Volume 2 (listen/download)

Kia Rap Princess is gearing up to drop a brand new project on the world in April. Therefore, thought it might be fitting to visit her last mixtape, Heiress To The Throne: Volume 2. A few of the tracks on the tape have been heard before via live shows or promo videos but there are a couple of hidden gems. This review will take a look at three of said songs after the jump.


The production here is good. The uptempo rate, prominent background ingredients, and high energy vibe mesh finely together. There is no hook present. The uninterrupted verse is deft. Kia serves up a lively flow, upstanding wordplay, and savory rhymes. She does an honorable job of flaunting her aptitude when on the mic. A few memorable lines include: “I’m something like Buffy. I’ll slay these gals. And if they want in,  I’m a slay they pals. What more can they do but pay this gal. Its gone be trouble. Thunderstorm is on it’s way, how that girl trunk rumble. Told ’em I don’t play. No I just do numbers. Just like the lottery. I’m gone like my father be. Money is motivation. If you broke don’t bother me.” Kia really let her personality shine via those bars. In the end, this was an impressive offering.

“All The Time”

The production here is incredible. It contains a low key bass, saucy rhythm, mid-tempo pace, and a trendy vibe. The hook gets a thumbs up too. Both the delivery and the lyrics are very riveting. The verses are unsurpassed. Kia brings her trademark flow, sharp-witted wordplay, and ingenious rhymes. She conveys the ultimate definition of what it means to be a hustler. Peep it as she spits: “If you don’t know nothing. B–ch know this. Kia Rap Princess, certified hit. I get certified chips though I’m not signed to Fritos. It’s not yo (nacho) cheese and I ain’t talking bout Doritos. So get yo hands back. And put ’em in ya pockets. Kia let me hold … Aw b–tch you better stop it. I think I’m bout to rock it (rocket). Meaning I’m finna take off. The Chevy too fast. When I stopped it tore the breaks off.” Those are some creatively put together bars. Overall, this song is a smash and a favorite off of the tape.

“On Top” F/ Yung Chamberlan & Jae Ace

The production here is of five-star quality. It is comprised of a heavy hitting core, tough secondary elements, and a strong foreboding vibe. The hook is adequate. The delivery is attractive and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are sick. Kia leads the way, Yung Chamberlan follows up, and Jae Ace takes it home. All three artists exhibited temperate flows laced with excellent cutthroat rhymes. They established the message that they are not ones to be tested by any means. For example, Kia declares: “No we can’t talk. So don’t open up yo mouth. Cause I’m here to rob Hip-Hop and those who stay up in this house. Now they running round here scared. Asking what this all about. I feel some of y’all ain’t got it. Should have went a different route. I don’t want to be yo friend. I don’t care to be yo homie. I’m a knock you with these hits until you pay me what you owe me.” Kia went into pure beast mode right there. All in all, this is a ridiculous record. Peep the promo video for this song here.

**My Two Cents: Heiress To The Throne: Volume 2 is a hot tape. There is a nice balance of hits old and new. Kia’s lyrics were sharp as always and the production was pristine. The tape definitely was one of the best of 2012. If readers haven’t heard it yet, they should hit up Live Mixtapes pronto. And then they can get ready for a fresh release in April. I Am Kia Rap Princess drops April 20th, complete with a release event. Be sure to check back for future details. Readers can also keep up with Kia via her website, Twitter, and Sound Cloud. And a sample of what to expect from the new tape can be found below. -MinM


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