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Ken Rebel – “Rebelution” (Video)

by Miracle

Mixtape_zps943614ef(Photo By Street Ratt Promotion)

A few weeks ago, young rapper Ken Rebel released a brand new video. The visual is for his single “Rebelution” which will appear on his debut album, Rebel: Revolution Exists Behind Every Leader. The single was produced by Radicule. It is made up of eccentric musical components that give off a somber vibe. The content is melodramatic yet adept. Ken really lets his emotions fly on this one. As a whole, it is a fair record. The video itself has sparked a lot of debate and controversy.  See what all the excitement is about below.

This video was edited by MP Williams, directed by Ken himself, and shot by Dashing Films NYC. The premise for the visuals is pretty interesting. It revolves around Ken taking on the role of a very troubled pastor. The pastor’s troubles happen to be a drug addiction and the tendency to abuse alcohol. He goes to an empty church where he proceeds to unleash his problems. The film is taken to another level via the appearance of startling symbols and imagery. The video wraps up with a solo shot of Ken sitting alone amidst a dark backdrop that ultimately fades into promo for the album. All in all, this was a riveting and imaginative watch.

**My Two Cents: This was an unexpected idea for a video. Which of course is why it’s creating so much of a buzz. I salute Ken for doing something daring and outside of the box. I liked it and wasn’t offended by any means. I think others will too if they keep an open mind while viewing. For those interested, Ken Rebel can be found on the web here. -MinM

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