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Deb.on.Air – “Langston Hues” (Video)

by Miracle

3241377067-1(Photo By Band Camp)

“Langston Hues” (listen/download)

Towards the end of last year SAFS Crew member Deb.on.Air dropped a tasteful art themed track titled “Langston Hues.” It was something a little different but still well received. The beginning of this year, the refreshing emcee released a short video for the single. Check out how he took his creation from the air waves to the small screen below.

This video was done courtesy of Elite Vizions. The flick takes place in the city at night. The focal point of the piece is simply Deb.on.Air as he makes his way around various locations. Additionally, lights are a reoccurring motif in the visuals which indirectly ties into the hook of the song. As far as special effects go, there are some neat light & movement tricks and lyrics from the record are occasionally displayed throughout the project. The video concludes with the quirky manipulation of a solo shot of Deb.on.Air. In the end, this was a quick yet honorable viewing.

**My Two Cents: This was a favorable effort. I was thinking the video would play more on the art aspect like the cover graphic for the single. But the direction Deb.on.Air took it in worked out okay too. To see what Deb.on.Air comes up with next, be sure to follow him on Twitter. -MinM

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