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Kaydee – “How That Sound”

by Miracle
“How That Sound” (Stream Here)

This past Sunday on The JayLamar Podcast an artist was introduced as everyone’s favorite female rapper prior to her music being played. That’s a pretty big statement to make. So of course The Illixer was all ears. Before her first track was even half way over, we were in agreement with the high praise that was uttered. We immediately reached out to her so that we could share this new fresh talent with our readers. So readers meet Kaydee. Kaydee is holding it down for Dover, DE. She’s been in the game for just about three years now. Her mission is simply to have her creativity heard and appreciated by as many music lovers as possible.

The single Kaydee shared with the site is called “How That Sound.” The production here is nice. The fluctuating bass, reserved background elements, breezy tempo, and street style vibe make for a successful combination. The hook is satisfactory. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics have a determined nature to them. If there was room for the hook to breathe just a tad, it would take things to the next level. Same for the extended verse that is present. Kaydee comes through with a signature flow, adequate wordplay, and secure rhymes. She’s definitely in her bag. We just need a little bit of space to absorb everything better. A couple of standout bars include: “The f–k is you talking ’bout? I’ll run up in ya mouth. I see some haters and it’s time to point ’em out. B—hes is opps. They f–k the whole team. They ain’t get no money, no cheddar, no cream. They brag ’bout they p—y but p—y be trash.” Kaydee definitely isn’t holding any punches on this one. All in all, this is a noble offering. There is a set of clear-cut visuals for this track as well. Readers can peep the video below.

**My Two Cents: Kaydee is a very promising talent. She’s got the look. She’s got the sound. And she’s got the motivation. All excellent qualities to have as an artist. As long as she maintains her hunger and continues to further develop her craft, she’s going to be a real problem in this music game. I look forward to following her journey and watching her grow. When she blows up, remember where you saw her first. -MinM

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